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By  xFOAxREAPER  |  11

What a bitch.... Don't worry OP, I know it sucks now, but keep your chin up. you are better off now than if she said yes and just left before or after the wedding. If you want to try and work things out, talk to her and see why she did that. not saying she was right, but who knows..

By  singlwforlife  |  22

I've never understood why anyone would be rude like that when turning down a proposal. There's no reason to make it worse for the person proposing than its already going to be. OP, keep your head up. She clearly wasn't the one, but there is someone out there for you.

  thatoneguy1111  |  15

What if they were dating for 2 weeks (like an Fml in the past) and he proposed? Is she still a bitch then? I feel like there has to be a reason she acted like this and I seriously doubt they were in a long or super serious relationship for her to act that way

  addioty  |  19

No, if you propose after 2 weeks and you haven't mutually decided to get married, don't expect the other person to shoot you down (and not in the nicest way!)