By Anonymous - / Monday 23 April 2012 09:51 / United States
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  Hidur  |  10

Speaking of word vomit, OP should have played it off and spelled "Will you marry me?", into the vomit. That way she would have realized you spilled your guts out to her

  Ruffclue  |  9

When u are nervous the heart beats faster and that causes the mean arterial pressure to increase. Thus this sends signal to the chemoreceptor in the brain and that triggers stimulation of different receptor to help decrease mean arterial pressure. And one of the effect of this stimulation is vomiting. So i stand by wat i said.

  Love182  |  0

72 I agree. He probably would have included that she also said no at the end of the post if it had happened. Or perhaps he played it off like he wasn't proposing that time an tried again later. Just an idea.

  TheZee  |  12

38/55 - increasing heart rate does not trigger chemoreceptors. Chemoreceptors are triggered by chemical changes, hence the name, "chemo." An example of a chemoreceptor being used as a receptor is change in oxygen levels, carbon dioxide, pH, etc.

While you were right that increasing heart rate does increase the arterial mean pressure, this mostly triggers baroreceptors, located at different vessels around the body to recognize increase of pressure. When blood pressure increases, the arterial walls are stretched and the baroreceptors send signals to the CNS (spinal cord AND brain, without a spinal cord, the brain would be useless).

No need to act like a smartass on FML, this isn't a science class. Go back to school and learn your "scientific facts" right before you come here and try to show off with it.

  TheZee  |  12

77 - No, but taking sciences at a University level is :). Isn't jealousy a disease? Or so it seems to be acting like one, with all the side effects that come with it ;).

  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

No, i'm not mad. But people who accuse other people getting their information from Wikipedia are usually idiots who aren't knowledgeable to come up with info of their own.


76 When the heart beats faster more blood is pumped out, oxygen enriched blood, this increasing oxygen levels and contradicting everything you wasted typing. So there is no reason to be a smartass on FML

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