By thanks gramps - Canada - Whitehorse
Today, I posted a video of a dance I choreographed on Facebook. I got a notification a few hours later telling me that my grandpa had also shared it. His caption? "My granddaughter dances like a gay baboon and this dance sucks balls. Throw grapes at her." Thanks grandpa. FML
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  dancinwookie  |  21

#49- Who are you kidding? Old folk are the worst, because they're retired and, therefore, have plenty of time to plan out their shenanigans! They've lived, so they know every trick in the book, those sneaky bastards.

  ekb777  |  13

Idk, I would like to know if I look fat in something to avoid going out in public like that. That being said, there are nice ways to say it. A comment like "Your rolls are showing" would put you six feet under

  \  |  28

Only if she twerked, I bet. :)