By thanks gramps - 19/04/2013 07:27 - Canada - Whitehorse

Today, I posted a video of a dance I choreographed on Facebook. I got a notification a few hours later telling me that my grandpa had also shared it. His caption? "My granddaughter dances like a gay baboon and this dance sucks balls. Throw grapes at her." Thanks grandpa. FML
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If you made a Harlem shake video, he took it easy on you.

Well, now you know what to call the first Broadway show you do. The Gay Baboon.


Just delete the comment and tell your grandma to straighten him out.

How can she delete his comment that he posted on his wall?

You can report this stuff and get it delete.. Or next time op is at his house, op can get on his computer and try to access the account..

KeannaLove 32

Or just stop dancing.... Older folks tend to be more honest, so he's probably right on the money.

#49- Who are you kidding? Old folk are the worst, because they're retired and, therefore, have plenty of time to plan out their shenanigans! They've lived, so they know every trick in the book, those sneaky bastards.

¡Łøł ñøw î kïńdä wåñt tø šēę thįś vīdēø!

And some old folks are off and are plan out rude

lol grandparents...they say the funniest things and get away with it

im_joking 11

Yeah, I wonder what family member will be next...

Well, now you know what to call the first Broadway show you do. The Gay Baboon.

Well at least he didn't say a straight baboon. Those animals have no sense of rhythm at all.

AnthonyWheeler15 24

Talk about being brutally honest. Sorry to hear OP! I'm sure your dance was nice!

Damian95 16

Honesty is not always the best policy. Especially with women. "Do I look fat?" "Of course not."

Idk, I would like to know if I look fat in something to avoid going out in public like that. That being said, there are nice ways to say it. A comment like "Your rolls are showing" would put you six feet under

SystemofaBlink41 27

I'm sure a lot of men want to marry you.

"Do these pants make me look fat?" "No, your ass makes those pants look fat."

If you made a Harlem shake video, he took it easy on you.

But is it worth wasting some perfectly good grapes? I thought that this was what the whole FML was about.

If you saw a gay baboon doing the Harlem shake on facebook, tell me you wouldn't be willing to throw a few grapes.

I don't believe in the cruelty of plant life. Therefore, I have chosen to be a "photosynthetarian."

That's a perfectly vine choice, I commend you for your efforts. You'll get no sour feelings from me.

\ 28

Only if she twerked, I bet. :)

sotheresthisgirl 8

Grandparents, they say the darnedest things.

I'm wondering what you did to your ass to be compared to a baboon... And apparently Grandpa doesn't know not to feed the animals.

At least "you" didn't call your mother a ****.

sotheresthisgirl 8

What does calling your own mother a **** have ANYTHING to do with this FML?

Only the gay baboons dance? Anyway OP, maybe adjust your privacy settings so he can't see your future posts.