I did not see that coming

By Anonymous - 23/08/2015 16:46 - United States - San Francisco

Today, at my sister's wedding, I got my 15 month-old son to 'sign' the big guest book. I gave him a pen and was hoping for a cute little squiggle or something. But no, he managed to draw something that looked uncannily like a big swastika. FML
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ea247 20

I bet you did-nazi that coming!

blame it on someone else


ea247 20

I bet you did-nazi that coming!

I've seen a lot of these Nazi jokes, Anne Frankly I'm getting tired of them.

I reich where this is going

That was out of Main Kampfert zone :(

Nazi jokes make me Führerous.

These jokes hurt, but I want more.

Do you find them Hitlerious? Is it messing with your concentration? Don't be ashamed to laugh. I laughed too. I guess I'll Sieg you in Heil.

Hammer1722 19

This comment thread keeps getting darker... Who turned off the gas?

I vote neigh out of neigh on that joke!

I'll give you guys a nein out of ten for these puns.

Ich reich woher das ist gehen. #16

PePziNL 20

These puns are gas-tly.

That's unfortunate OP! Good luck explaining that to everyone!

Easy-- a 15 month old did it. If it was a 15 year old, that'd be a different story.

Well, memories to... forget.

Remember that he is to young to have any kind of hate like that also if it is that annoying just scribble it out.

Mackade 18

Keyword from this FML: big.

blame it on someone else

fashionbug9880 22

Or they could just apologize to their sister and explain that it was the baby. I doubt it would be a huge deal.

ezrajab 22

Oh boy! Let's hope he doesn't know what that is yet and that it was a coincidence

The kids not even 2 I'm sure he can barely even talk I'm sure he has know clue what a swatzika is or the meaning behind it

karbiee 15

silly kids.. pin the blame on another guest.

larrena2377 26

That's unfortunate. I hope your sister understands and doesn't get mad. Not really a good thing to let a 15 month old scribble on. YDI, but live and learn.

Oh, I don't know ; a 15-month-old "signing" the guest book is the kind of thing that I could see some people -- perhaps also the bride and groom? -- thinking absolutely adorable. And even for a big "swastika", it probably wouldn't be that hard to add a few more babyish lines to make it look a lot more random (no need to scribble it out entirely).

The swastika is also the sign of Thor so maybe he's not a future hitler.

Depends which way the swastika was spinning. Opposite of how the Nazis used it, the swastika resembles peace and love. Or so I've heard from a few spiritual people.

You're right #41, that symbol can be found in a lot of religious art from Hinduism and Buddhism. The singer M.I.A. wore a bindi once with the correct orientation of it, but a lot of people got angry at her for it because they didn't know the original meaning of the symbol.

No worries, just take the pen and alter it so it's something else. :-)

Connect the lines and turn it into a kite.