By AlicefromIreland - Ireland
Today, I was at a concert and the performer told everyone to wave their phones in the air. I threw my hand up and then a huge woman caught my iPhone and disappeared into the crowd. FML
AlicefromIreland tells us more :
What happened was when we were told to wave the phones in the air I flung my arm up a bit too fast and my phone flew out of my hand and this "huge woman" (in talking morbidly obese, bundles me out of the way and snatched my phone from the air. I never saw her or the phone again...
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  bapbap_fml  |  15

Good luck getting past security or in contact with them to even ask. And why would they care anyways? Contacting the venue security and giving them a description of the woman may be more helpful.

By  MyUsernameisEpic  |  29

She "catched" (caught is a word, ya know?) your phone? Did you throw it in the air? Or did she GRAB it out of your hand? Also, if she was a "huge woman" like you say, how did she manage to disappear into the crowd so easily?

By  False_Stupidity  |  41

1. Caught is perhaps the word you were looking for.
2. Unless you actually threw your phone (maybe it slipped?) then she can't have 'caught' it but could have 'grabbed' it.
3. If you use the find my iPhone app then trace that bitch to where she lives or get the police involved.
4. ?
5. Profit