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Today, I was reviewing documents at work, only to find one of my coworkers has been signing off on paperwork, claiming he's been walking one of the residents daily. Aside from being a double leg amputee, the patient died two weeks ago. The state review board comes this week. FML
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Aspen_Grace33 27

I can't believe he got away with this for that long. Doesn't anyone else check up on these "caregivers"?


JMichael 25

I agree. That's just pure stupidity on his part.

And before the review so they can be seen to have acted when they found a problem.

Agreed, my wife works in a memory care unit. We both think it is absolutely abhorrent how our elderly are treated. There is an overabundance of people in the medical field that don't truly care about the people they're taking care of.

ScottVining 21

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How? Do you use the movie Ghostbusters as a reference? Or is Flatliners your movie of choice?

Not if the dumbass has still been sugning the paperwork in these two weeks.

cheshireau 26

I'm pretty sure #2 was being sarcastic

Apparently no one on FML has ever heard of sarcasm....

Aspen_Grace33 27

I can't believe he got away with this for that long. Doesn't anyone else check up on these "caregivers"?

Walking? Like a dog?! What does he have to hide considering he lied about the death...

Really!? The whole point was that he was never walking the patient because a) he had no legs, and b) he died! Also he didn't lie about the fact that the patient died. He lied by saying he was walking the patient.

kyu_Q 19

aquaman, I think you need to read the post again

Umm.. did mommy get you a special caregiver, too?

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It wouldn't make sense for him to be paid by the family since they would know the man in question cannot walk (unless he meant walking him around in a wheelchair) and had passed on. I think it's safe to say the place he works for pays him.

Hopefully he gets fired and nothing happens to you. After all, it wasn't you who lied.

That's his problem. There is no way you should get punished for it unless you were in charge of him.

And you obviously have no idea what a State review entails. Many times the State is doing a review because someone called the complaint hotline. They go through the complaint chart and a certain percentage of the other patient records, and any discrepancies have to be accounted for. If OP is a Manager or Admin, ultimately it IS his/her responsibility. Bad things get you tags (meaning things that have to be corrected). Enough tags mean a second review, usually in about 6 months, to see if you're following the action plan for correction. Blowing off the action plan or doing a half-assed job can get you closed down. The only bright spot is that they don't check that many discharged charts, so OP may still have dodged a bullet.

titibug823 11

Is there any way you can report him?

I really hope you don't get punished for this OP it's all on him.

cryssycakesx3 22

I could be wrong, but, I feel like OP should have been checking on this coworker more often, or at the very least, sooner. that is, of course, if that's his job.

I have a co-worker like that at the day program for special needs adults that I work for. She'll start writing and finishing Dailies for clients at noon. She'll embellish and lie, and always finish with "Great Day, No Incidents!" Usually by the end of the day when she leaves, I'll stay behind and have to white that out and write "client bit staff hard enough to break skin" or "client threw tantrum and broke a window." Because she's a lazy old bitch who doesn't care about them.

Do not use white-out. Use a single strikethrough, and write addn: *entry here* and initial. Feel free to tell someone higher up the chain too - she will get canned, that's a pretty serious violation.

#12: White Out will get you many tags during an audit. It's called tampering with a legal document, and lawyers just LOVE to see shit like that. Pretty much makes their case a slam-dunk. You also can't correct someone else's notes for them.

These notes are for parents. There are separate forms for the state (Incident Reports and detailed progress reports) that this woman doesn't have access to since she's only working there one day a week. She isn't actually doing anything to jeopordize our organization, she's just an insufferable **** who needs to not work there anymore. I always tell the parents "after this was written, (insert incident here) happened and I went and corrected it." And no one has had an issue so far. I'm kind of just going along to get along, since she's director at the program we have in another city and has pull at my organization. Everyone hates her but she isn't going anywhere soon.