By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, I decided to cut class with one of my friends and we ended up going to Burger King. As we sat down at the table, I heard my name being called. My mum was getting lunch through the drive thru with my little brother and saw my car parked out front. FML
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  beffburger  |  0

there are many many burger kings in the uk. why do Americans think that they are the only ones with western culture? It's like they live in their own little shite bubble. ignorant arseholes.

  xriley  |  0

haha u think only America has burger king...that's why ur all so obese...FYI uk has buger kings too so. dose many other countries...hope huge anacondas feed on u fatty American pplu can thx ur greedy lifestyle for that

  Polionixon  |  2

Ummm lets try not to stereotype shall we? I was actually going to comment on his post ( I am from the U.S.A. btw) and i was going to actually correct him and say BK's are all around the world just like most fast food chains. Sorry to burst your bubble but not all Americans are ignorant.

  Flutist  |  3

We might all be fat (not all of us are btw) but you all have funky ass teeth and dress like drag queens. How does that sound, don't I sound like a douche. So stop calling all Americans fat and we will stop calling all British people snobby jagged teethed douches who are still pissed off about a tea party hundreds of years ago.

  im_asian  |  0

in case you dont realize it yet americans were the ones who invented this kind of culture. all ive ever heard from people living in the UK is shit towards the US. in fact you were the first one here to make a racist remark why dont you go enjoy your little fucking cup of tea and get a life

  CyclonePsycho  |  1

I'm loling pretty hard at this particular set of replies. What's with all the animosity between the US and the UK? We both share a language (and a some of us share a heritage and a history). We should all just love each other, 'kay guise?

And who the hell brought up the Revolutionary war? How is that relevant to anything? xD

  Jrook  |  0

pretty sure that American isn't a race, at least not anymore. we wiped them all out, or let them starve on reservations. besides the british never claimed that all men are created equal, so as far as I'm concerned they can be racist and it's not hypocritical. however for an American to call any other culture racist is hypocritical.


I never hear anyone in the U.S. say shit about the Uk, but thanks to your steroetypical minds I believe that all of you are douchebags with horrible teeth. And fyi not all of us are obese mcdonalds eating people who lack an average IQ.

  UK_fml  |  0

first of all we dress way better and with much more class than any yank, 2nd I know a dentist in America is very much expensive and not all the people can afford a treatment, 3rd the numbers don't lie and 7 out of every 10 people in America have some sort of obesity problem, and final, we do care about the tea but we don't give a shite about you guys staying in the other side of the pond :)

  tikimuppet  |  11

No, if she could drive she would be at least 17, and so at college, which would mean that her timetable would include random free lessons. I have not heard of a college in England where they FORCE the people to stay on campus through thier frees.

She should have just said she had a free... problem solved.

and why do people keep saying that there are no BKs in the Uk? There are loads!

  Flutist  |  3

My sister graduated at 18. Op doesn't list a country but she says Mom, so I was thinking America. Anyways, she would have to be young enough to have it matter that her mom found her at lunch. THat implies she wasn't supposed to be out. Also she ditched school/cut class (which means in America, she missed a few periods so she could sneak to lunch) and if her mother is calling her out on it, then she is still under her mom's rules, not likely college.

  Kiara41  |  0

"she would have to be young enough to have it matter that her mom found her at lunch"

That's a lie. I'm 19 living in a dorm at college and my parents still bitch about me staying out too late (aka. midnight) when I don't have classes the next day. Not all parents lay off the curfew when you turn 18.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about them. They just want to keep tabs. ;)

By  clib542  |  0

reminds me if when I was in grade 3, except I left my jacket in freezing weather to go, so that they thought i stayed at school, still got caught though, lol