By not the cook - 09/06/2013 17:38 - United States - Wernersville

Today, I found out that my restaurant's food is so bad that the only reason some people visit is because they're punishing their kids. FML
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Call Gordon Ramsay.

Culinary classes. Or alternatively you could leave leaflets with sensible parenting advice and the address of your restaurant all over town.


Culinary classes. Or alternatively you could leave leaflets with sensible parenting advice and the address of your restaurant all over town.

Classes wouldn't help since Op isn't the cook. Just read her name.

Culinary classes for her cook then.

SynysterNero 20

OP isn't the cool. He/she probably should hire a new chef to get better business though.

I'm very on the fence. On one side, sorry to hear it OP! It would suck to have that sort of reputation. However, part of owning a business is knowing the ins and outs of it, which means you should be testing food quality fairly often. 1 is right - training will do wonders to your kitchen staff. Now you just need to rebuild your reputation!

Call Gordon Ramsay.

At least she can admit her food is bad, unlike Amy's Baking Co. He'll be able to help them if the chef cooperates.

Almost no one who calls in Gordon Ramsay admits that their food is crap. Which makes no sense, if their food was so great, then 90% of the time the restaurant wouldn't have flopped.

Damn you beat me to it...


there is a show on netflix where a man helps resturaunts make better food and hire better chefs you should try it!

mzdaisylynn 12

or Robert Irvine.

kikimonole 13

Well, I came here to say this #2... Nice name. :3

While we're on the topic of names, what's a "LAUG"?

Yeah, then his new catchphrase would be, "This food is so bad, the only reason people would ever order it is to punish their children."

Lol damn. Was going to say "Did Gordon Ramsay pay you (OP) a visit?"

Aww, poor kids. On a side note, I'd suggest you get a new chef

What if he's the chef?

#87 ops user named is not the cook.

RocketNinjaFish 12

Time to call in Gordon Ramsay! EDIT: Oops! someone beat me to it!

TheDrifter 23

Why Gordon Ramsey? Call John Taffert, he'll make the place look good while he has someone teach the kitchen staff to make decent food.

LazyDaisy42 4

John Taffer(sp?) just does bars, and I'm guessing if people are bringing their kids there, OP's restaurant probably isn't a bar... I don't know about everywhere else, but where I live you aren't allowed into bars until you're at least 18.

There's a bar here that has a daytime family restaurant business, and at night it's a popular bar that has a mechanical bull. Not sure how drunk people and a mechanical bull could ever be safe. :/

RocketNinjaFish 12

59: Same here (minus the mechanical bull). I see a lot of bars that are also family restaurants during the day. And I've never seen one, but from I've seen on TV, drunk guys and mechanical bulls are probably best kept separate ;)

That is such an adorable picture =D

Get a new chef ASAP

Go on kitchen nightmares , or restaurant impossible !! They'll fix all of your problems :)

If I had to choose, I'd go with Restaurant Impossible. Gordon Ramsey is fun to watch but I sure as hell wouldn't want to work with him.

I wonder if OP has ever even tried her own restaurant's food.

bettyboop428 24

It's unlikely if she is just finding out her food is that bad. It's amazing how many restaurant owners don't even taste their own food, or have anyone else doing it for that matter.

I couldn't imagine running a business without trying my own product. IMO, if you are skipping that important step, you aren't really up for the challenge of running a business. Ydi op, for not keeping up on things.

Your tongue is one of your most important tools as a cook or a chef.

Time to change the menu!

yeah try to make and awesome menu for kids so next time they show up trying to punish kids , kids will love the restaurant

Have you tried your own resturaunt's food?

perdix 29

At your place, "Death by Chocolate" is literally a form of capital punishment?

Yes, but only for the really bad cases. Lesser crimes get whipped cream or beaten eggs.

Isn't death by chocolate just a sweet way of saying death by diabetes?

52, it's just a name of a pudding. Just because there's a load of chocolate in it doesn't mean it's straight away the most sugary treat of them all! I've eaten it on several occasions in different places, all slightly different from the previous, and don't have diabetes. If you did have diabetes I'd imagine you'd stay clear of such a pudding!

Not really. I'm allergic to chocolate, so it would be death.

perdix 29

#68, and you lived to tell about it?!?!? You must be the missing Chinese Brother! By the way, you are SOOOOO British! You used "pudding" where Americans would use "dessert." It's very confusing to us because pudding is a specific dessert, and you use the same word to mean all of them.

I apologise, for future discussions regarding "pudding" I shall use "deserts" to avoid confusion! :)