By Anonymous - 28/12/2011 17:03 - United Kingdom

Today, in the spirit of Christmas, I let a spider live in my room. I normally kill them, because I'm scared of waking up with one on my face. I woke up with it on my face. FML
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puppypuncher 5

He was just coming back to thank you for saving him. Now give spider bro a hug.

Glitterhinoceros 14

Why wouldn't you just put it outside and not kill it, you didn't HAVE to let it live in your room.


Wow talk about karma being a bitch XD the revenge of the other spiders!

I probably would have taken it outside if I'd let it live, but hey, that's just me.

nuggetmonster 12

Never spare the enemy. That spider should have faced your foot of wrath the moment you saw him.

Spiders don't celebrate christmas.

I probably would have ate it. But, hey, that's just me.

Kill it!!!!! Kill it with fire!!!!!!!

eyeIoveyou 4

it was supposed to be crawling up the water spout :'(

GoW_Chick 14

Maybe the rain had already washed the spider out...

Lol at least you have faced your fears! Huzza!

Agreed kill it with fire....

smileeee_fml 0

I know how you feel op. A cockroach had once fallen on my shoulder & crawled up my neck towards my face when I was in bed. Scariest thing ever. Unfortunately for the cockroach it died after I had a heart attack trying to get it off me.

reneecooper77 0

137- You made me laugh for like 5 minutes. Haha I HATE roaches.

Aww it wanted to thank you! so sweet! :3

Yup. 'Cos Santa endorses possibly nasty spider bites

puppypuncher 5

He was just coming back to thank you for saving him. Now give spider bro a hug.

Not funny 27.

No one should be alone during the holidays, spider bro needs love too!

See, like... You aren't funny. At all.

You just need to take it down a gear or two, mrmisfit.

I literally would have shitted myself if a spider was on my face!!

I scream like a girl when I see spiders :(

82- exactly! I'd take any bug over a spider. Those things are fucking scary!

but spiders are arachnids

# 33, if at first you don't succeed DON'T try again

86- bugs, arachnids.. Same thing. I don't give a shit.

bamagrl410 31

Technically you said you'd take a bug OVER a spider, implying one instead of the other. Therefore, you were correct anyways. lol

Kefka91 15

27 - I laughed at the comment. I laugh at the most random shit though, so I'm probably not the best judge of your comment's humor. /shrug

Wow. MrMisfit, you sir are a gay f**k

coe08 6

Do u have habbo cause I'm coe08

pedosmurf 7

The spirit of Christmas? Ah humbug!

In the spirit of the Christmas, you should have just gave it a quick clean death rather than letting it live. FYL & YDI.

I try not to kill spiders in my home because I'm always terrified it'll end up being one of those types that carries their babies on their back. O¿o

Nanilla you have just scared the shit out of me and now I am never going to squish a spider again.

SecretMe00 5

Use a shoe or fly swatter then! Problem solved. But that is extremely freaky to imagine.

46- holy shit!! That's completely horrifying! If that's the case, how would you recommend getting rid or spiders?!

152- I spray them with bug spray if I have it or just bathroom cleaner. I feel bad though it's like a acid shower for the spider. Like I'm exterminating to fulfill my dreams of purity.

167- Thank you! :) i will definitely keep that in mind next time I need to exterminate a spider. Now that you've scared the shit out of me with those spider eggs...

Blackmail111 9

You should have killed it because that way it would rain tomorrow instead of snow.

He should have killed it because it's a fucking spider, that's why. Too many Goddamn legs...

At least it wasn't a stinkbug. I woke up with one of those on my face once. I cried for hours.

The irony hurts!

Need a band-aid? I have to admit, my lame attempt at a joke was almost as stupid as your comment..

It was a stupid comment even i admit that. Thanks for the offer but I'm allergic to elastoplasts but if you have a small square of gauze and some medical tape I'd be grateful (or some co-codamol)

PeeblesWiggins 0

I'm afraid all we have is duct tape to keep your mouth shut. My apologies.

148- good try with that play on words! Better luck next time!

sucks2BEyouu 0

mrmisfit, are you coming out of the closet.... on FML?

148 - even with a duct taped mouth, someone can still post comments.

Good common sense murder squirrel

Glitterhinoceros 14

Why wouldn't you just put it outside and not kill it, you didn't HAVE to let it live in your room.

mommapanda 0

It would die outside as it is winter and cold in most parts of England this time of year.

9, It would be capable of finding another warm place to live. Spiders were around long before the invention of heating or housing.

SecretMe00 5

60-- good point! I was actually wondering how putting the spider outside would solve anything, I clearly forgot spiders have good survivor skills! lol... Good thinking! ........... A dog outside in the cold hooked to a chain is another story though.. So sad!

That would imply he was actually thinking...

UnearthlyEnemy 9

England is always cold...

That would require touching it, op obviously has a fear of spiders. That's why I kill them, I'm not going to attempt to pick one up and risk is crawling on me to let it outside.

CradleLeena 0

Never trust a spider

Screw you. Spiders are total bros. Well... most of the time, but you get the idea.

Backstabbing bastards...

7- except for spider man, the most trusted person alive! He's the man!!

KiddNYC1O 20

"Everybody gets one. Right, Peter?"

sniperkit 10

"Apparently everyone gets one?"

Everybody gets one (swings away)

Mister_Triangle 21

My motto: Show no mercy; for you shall receive no mercy from them

178 - That explains the "Forever Alone" profile pic that you have.

BikeAllDay818 6

Imagine days later you notice a huge pimple on your cheek and you pop it, only to find out that that was a little sack filled with baby spiders.....that would be crazy...I read it in a book when I was little

Blackmail111 9

It was supposed to be a scary story which never happened. There's actually many different versions of it.

OH GAWD... I'm never going to get that mental image to go away when I see a spider...

Spiders do not lay eggs inside of skin.

Yeah I remember seeing that on tv and reading it. There is another story where this kid has a swollen eye and the baby spiders come out from under his eye, And another where a kid pulls it out of his ear and brings it to show and tell at his school.

lovealwaysx 0

D': that's disgusting!!

night_ryder13 5

Well, I know what I'm going to have nightmares about tonight.


8- holy shit!! Does anyone have proactive?! These spider comments on this FML are making me just want to curl up in a ball in a dark closet and never come out.. A spider is bound to attack me now...

I heard the one where the girl has a lump on her neck and accidentally bumps it with her hairbrush. Cue the spiders xD

He just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas up close and personal :D.

ElectricGhost_fml 5

I would have punched that spider off my face and yelled TAKE THAT YOU FIEND!

KRS_13 0

I used to kill spiders. But then I took an arrow to the knee

Reddeaded 5

So, you would punch yourself in the face while saying ,"Take that you fiend." correct?