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By  clownphobia23  |  12

Wow talk about karma being a bitch XD the revenge of the other spiders!

  smileeee_fml  |  0

I know how you feel op. A cockroach had once fallen on my shoulder & crawled up my neck towards my face when I was in bed. Scariest thing ever. Unfortunately for the cockroach it died after I had a heart attack trying to get it off me.

  bamagrl410  |  31

Technically you said you'd take a bug OVER a spider, implying one instead of the other. Therefore, you were correct anyways. lol

  Kefka91  |  15

27 - I laughed at the comment. I laugh at the most random shit though, so I'm probably not the best judge of your comment's humor. /shrug

  NuTrees  |  9

152- I spray them with bug spray if I have it or just bathroom cleaner. I feel bad though it's like a acid shower for the spider. Like I'm exterminating to fulfill my dreams of purity.

  graham11  |  14

167- Thank you! :) i will definitely keep that in mind next time I need to exterminate a spider. Now that you've scared the shit out of me with those spider eggs...

  Feklfekl2222  |  32

It was a stupid comment even i admit that. Thanks for the offer but I'm allergic to elastoplasts but if you have a small square of gauze and some medical tape I'd be grateful (or some co-codamol)

  SecretMe00  |  5

60-- good point! I was actually wondering how putting the spider outside would solve anything, I clearly forgot spiders have good survivor skills! lol... Good thinking!

........... A dog outside in the cold hooked to a chain is another story though.. So sad!

  xgetxbentx  |  13

That would require touching it, op obviously has a fear of spiders.
That's why I kill them, I'm not going to attempt to pick one up and risk is crawling on me to let it outside.

By  BikeAllDay818  |  6

Imagine days later you notice a huge pimple on your cheek and you pop it, only to find out that that was a little sack filled with baby spiders.....that would be crazy...I read it in a book when I was little

  Gamaryn  |  0

Yeah I remember seeing that on tv and reading it. There is another story where this kid has a swollen eye and the baby spiders come out from under his eye, And another where a kid pulls it out of his ear and brings it to show and tell at his school.

  graham11  |  14

8- holy shit!! Does anyone have proactive?! These spider comments on this FML are making me just want to curl up in a ball in a dark closet and never come out.. A spider is bound to attack me now...