By Hungry - 27/12/2013 14:01 - United States - Appleton

Today, I got written up at work for clocking back in from lunch early. Yesterday I got a verbal warning for coming back late. I'm scared to go to lunch at all now. FML
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Try and be right on time is the only advice I can offer.

Jeez, is he trying to keep the office in lockdown or something?


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Either way they would have to clock out, how would bringing their own lunch solve anything?

Not having to leave the premises, order something, pay, and then eat, I think is how they thought it might help.

Maybe just clock out and in on time so that you aren't getting paid to eat lunch or getting your employers in trouble for technical violations of labour laws? YFDI

Jeez, is he trying to keep the office in lockdown or something?

No. Probably has a very limited payroll. Wants to pay everybody for exactly 8 hours a day and is very strict. Just have to come back a few minutes early and clock in right on time.

Your boss can get into trouble if you come back early, because if your company got audited you could claim your boss made you cut your break short(they have to give you a certain amount of time for break.)

Try and be right on time is the only advice I can offer.

Sadly, that is probably the only way to make your boss happy. On that note you should probably show up about one to two minutes early and just clock in as soon as it is exactly time to clock in.

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Time to brown bag it...every single day. FYL, my friend.

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He doesn't have to brown bag, just show up early, but clock in on exact time. It's not rocket science, I have faith op will figure it out.

@1 how will bringing their own lunch help?

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Why didnt you just comment on his comment instead

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@5, bringing their own lunch will prevent them from being dependent on traffic or lunch hour crowds.

Traffic isn't the problem. The problem is OP doesn't know how to clock in on time. They got written up for clocking in early, that had nothing to do with traffic.

crazytwinsmom 25

But OP got a verbal warning before for coming back late, that could be due to traffic.

REALAfroninga 11

@72 Yes, and so could big foot... All the OP tells us is that he tried to be early so he wouldn't get yelled at, but he should have just showed up, and waited for exact time to clock in.

Maybe you could synchronize your watch to the spies or burglars always do. :-)

You'll also get in trouble if you don't take your lunch break at all. Just clock back in when you're suppose to. If you get back early, wait until it's time. Set your alarm on your phone if it'll help keep track of time.

....or u can just be on time, not early not late just on time

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one bowl too small, other bowl too big, last one just right. Goldilocks makes perfect sense in this scenario.

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Gandalf works too. "A wizard is never late! He arrives precisely when he means to!"

Tell them to average it out then you will have been on time both days!

We will now find you standing outside the door counting the minutes.