By kawaiixalice - 28/12/2009 15:14 - United States

Today, I needed to job shadow someone for my winter break career project. Not finding someone to take me along to their job, my mom suggested shadowing my dad. Not wanting to hurt his feelings, I went with him. All day I sat and helped him test human poop samples for parasites. Some was diarrhea. FML
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FYDL **** your dads life. Honestly you're mad about one day, that guy lives the shit 24/7. (no pun intended)


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I would LOVE to talk to your dad about his job. I'm a RVT and running fecals is a big part of my job. I see some really cool parasites and would love to know how often humans contact the zoonotic ones.

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I think, but I'm not too sure, it's his way of saying his Dad is gay.

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wtf what happened to my comment!!! I had said, guess it was a shitty day or something like it, and wtf now! stupid commenting system, idiot site, dumbass fml staff.. this is a reply to 1.. this is so blow!

FYDL **** your dads life. Honestly you're mad about one day, that guy lives the shit 24/7. (no pun intended)

He probably make a lot of money, since he's doing a job that no one likes to do.

^^^ this. Research job, in a less than desirable field. Big bucks there, and plenty of guidelines to stay sanitary.

talk about the ass end of a career choice

Well, if your dad knows that you don't like his job i don't think that it would be terribly out of line to decline and just keep trying to find one. And you probably should have tried looking for someone ahead of time instead of just waiting at the last moment like I would have. Preperation pays off.

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So what?! I'm sure you wore protection and it's only one day. Some people cry about every little thing.

There is nothing wrong with looking at stool samples! Get the **** over yourself. It's not a FML to do that, it's really interesting, if you catch a good one you just changed someones life long term. I hope you get Taenia and no one looks at your stool.

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there are things you can do everyday that are bad such as crack

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I wish cryptosporidium on them (: --Registered Vet Tech