By lakb
Today, I missed work because I was at the hospital getting treated for accidentally inhaling chlorine gas. I didn't realize that using Comet Industrial Strength Cleanser to scrub out a cat litter pan could be so hazardous. FML
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  Matt_192  |  6

Indeed. The chlorine in Comet with bleach reacts with the ammonia in cat piss to produce chlorine gas... I'm surprised OP didn't see it since it's normally a greenish color

  maxx12345678  |  0

actually, thats a common misconception. the sodium hypochlorite in the cleaner reacts with the ammonia in the urine to produce chloramine, NOT chlorine gas. chloramine is still volatile though, and therefore its vapors can still get in the air and are harmful if inhaled. and also, chlorine is pale yellow, NOT green

By  theninjathatstea  |  0

haven't you ever heard the jingle as a kid?
comet: it makes your mouth turn green
comet: it tastes like listerine
comet: it makes you vomit
so buy some comet, and vomit toooodayy!!


By  KaySL  |  24

After using fantastic Comet Industrial Strength Cleanser to scrub litter pans all day, I like to kick back and relax with a glass of absolutely delicious DocBastard Vintage Cat Piss! :D :D :D :D :D :D

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