By ava_henryy - 30/04/2013 08:04 - United States - Moses Lake

Today, I had to be rushed to the hospital when I started sneezing uncontrollably and got a huge rash. It turns out I'm highly allergic to a chemical in most cleaning supplies. Great. I just got a job as a house cleaner for a very rich family. FML
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Surely you would already know this from being in buildings which use said supplies?

Just wear a mask and cover all extremities when cleaning. If that still doesn't help, sadly you may need to look for a new line of work. Good luck OP. :)


Yikes. I heard there's medications for allergies. Also, I guess I would just check the label before I use it :/ sorry.

Leave #1 alone. There's probably no Internet connection under his rock

How is he on FML then?

As well as medication, you might be able to talk the family into investing in so greener/ less caustic cleaner with less chemicals.

How is #33 thumbed down? I swear, I lose a bit of faith in humanity everytime I come here.

39, I'm assuming he got thumbed down because he didn't get the joke and was being serious

FYI, vinegar and a water solution cleans great.

I meant certain types of allergies, not something simple like tylonal or benidril.

Surely you would already know this from being in buildings which use said supplies?

What is this, I don't even...

I should have put a comma after the word 'this'.

or from cleaning her own house, right?

@TiffGreen- No, because OP apparently hasn't cleaned with them before.

Not necessarily. An allergy can develop even when no reaction has previously occurred.

Allergies just love ruining a good thing... How did you get into cleaning without realising that?

Maybe OP was using a new chemical.

Then OP can go back to using the old one rash and sneezing free.

I'm just hoping that the family doesn't want OP using that certain type of chemical though.

At least she realized her allergies before buying a house.

Why? She is not allergic to houses...

I'm confused as to what houses have to do with this topic.

allergies can start at anytime during your life . he could have always been allergic but didn't have any reactions until just recently . it's happened to me before too .

I was referencing an earlier fml where the guy didn't know he was allergic to cherry blossoms until he bought a house in a neighborhood surrounded with cherry trees.

Just wear a mask and cover all extremities when cleaning. If that still doesn't help, sadly you may need to look for a new line of work. Good luck OP. :)

I like how the second half of the FML features the OP narrating his thoughts.

It's kind of the "FML formula." First, write a sentence or two about something bad that happened. Then tell us why it's actually much worse than you initially let on. The other formula goes: Structure the first sentence or two to conceal the nature of the event. Then deliver the crappy event itself as a punchline.

The rest of the formula involves inserting one or more of the following phrases: "proceeded to..." "Guess who...?" "It wouldn't be so bad except..."

#23, another surefire formula is to put anything after "trying to look cool."

Sorry, Op, looks like you're SOL there unless you can convince the Richies to switch to natural cleaners, maybe. If not, better luck on your next career. :p

That's just what I was going to suggest. Make a good case about offsetting carbon footprints and sustainable products or whatever other "green" buzzwords you can think of to guilt them into buying natural cleaners. But be prepared to scrub harder, because those things don't work that well. =

So true 34. My mom bought this "green" cleaning supply spray that smelled like soapy green apples. Took FOREVER to scrub off this dumb scum mark on my bathtub. Ended up just pouring bleach on it, let it sit there, then rinsed it off with water lol

Aww I truly feel for you! I hope there's something out there you can use, maybe the natural stuff they were selling a while back.

Get them to buy you a biohazard suit to do your job. They'll shell out rather than get sued. Also, try to steer them to all-natural cleaning products. They are often more expensive than the chemical versions, but they've got money and will be able to boast about their "green" cred at the next soiree or cotillion or yacht hoe-down.

Perdix. Putting the words "yacht" and "hoe-down" together since '13

#18, well, the lottery hasn't come in yet, so I don't know if rich people really do have yacht hoe-downs. Now, when I DO hit the Powerball, I'm getting a yacht and we're going to have a hoe-down on it and you're invited!

There are many green cleaning products, as well you could try norwex. Then you just needto clean with water.

Just because they're rich, doesn't mean the pay will be great. Most rich people are tight asses!!