By HillaryAngelic - 22/07/2013 07:09 - United States - Flint

Today, after a church service, a man approached me as I was walking to my car. He had tears in his eyes and politely asked if I would pray with him. He asked if we could hold hands. As I reached out to hold his hands, the bitch snatched my purse and ran. FML
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That's when you chase his ass down and show him the wrath of God.

Its not you fault OP, you were trying to be the bigger person


Its not you fault OP, you were trying to be the bigger person

Tis a cruel world. Trust no one!

I always try to be the bigger person! People just think I'm fat.

well its ut fault for even trying to be nice and pray with him hard to say but fuck him and his problems the OP dhould of just got in and drove away u can't trust no one any more

That's when you chase his ass down and show him the wrath of God.

The power of Christ compels my fist in your crotch motherfucker!!

Well you should know exactly how he looks like. Call the police and report him.

Just a description isn't enough sometimes. It be better if op knew his name or if he had a license plate of a car that the thief may have been driving

"...he was wearing a flowing robe, a stole over his shoulders, and white clerical around his neck, was holding a rosary, and smacked me with his Bible. Oh, wherever will you find him, officer??"

That would be accurate, if op said the priest stole her purse

Damn con artists... Sucks for you OP.

New category? Religious screwing?

Nah, that's been around for years.... This could just be a new version

I guess praying does have an effect sometimes... just not the one you were hoping for.

You probably aren't the first and won't be the last he'll be targeting outside the church OP. Definitely report him and let your church know so that others are warned.

This is why I wouldn't trust a stranger. Some are scum of the earth and will rob you in an instant.

Where is your god now? ...alright you can downvote me.

Right away, sir.

Yes, you're entitled to your own opinion, but please be respectful of others preferences. *God

There's really no reason to be respectful of someone's opinion just because it's their opinion.

I don't respect your opinion to not be respectful of other peoples opinion what?

That's perfectly valid. If you think it's a bad opinion, you don't have to respect it. It doesn't receive any value from being my opinion, only from the reasoning behind it (which you're free to disagree with, although you don't know what it is.)

well all have our own oppinion i respect yalls

26: why? Do you like causing conflict? There's no need to bash someone just because they view differently than you. I certainly haven't bashed your opinion, so don't be so butthurt.

Would you respect someone's opinion that all black people should be dragged into the street and shot? If the answer is "no", then you agree with me that an opinion does not need to be respected merely for being someone's opinion. If the answer is "yes", I'm afraid I can't respect your opinion on the matter ;)