By box bulge - 21/10/2011 01:24 - China

Today, whilst trying on a pair of jeans, I got my genitals caught in my fly. I'm a woman. FML
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how did this phenomenon occur?

Guess you'll be bleeding twice this month


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how did this phenomenon occur?

40, James Bond 007 fan? (: Goldfingers!

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Damn right 43! That would be the best James Bond **** title mash up!

1- Hermaphrodite's are people too. Don't act like they don't exist.

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This chick probably has a huge ******** almost like a baby penis... Best kind of woman

48, no person can be a true hermaphrodite. You mean intersexed.

Big flaps are big... And I love a big clitirous!!!

Did anyone notice her name?? Box bulge?? Guess its not hair that got caught huh??

Guess someone has a full roast beef sandwich down there, huh?

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Right now I'm doing my best to imagine a nice body with a sexy mound, rather than the alternative of a fat body with extra skin

139, nice catch on the commando! She just has some serious meat flaps, that's all...

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153 - A "moose knuckle" is a male camel toe.

That's what I was thinking. Gross! Wear underwear when you try on pants please. For that matter, wear underwear when you try on ANY article of clothing, even underwear.

Still can't get over enon saying the best kind of women are the ones with dicks.

It's quite easy, no need to guess that much. She has way too many people/things going in her. ****.

Why was my comment thumbed down? It's a fact that people can't be hermaphrodites. That happens in snails and slugs. No shame in knowing the truth and using the right terms.

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Humans CAN be hermaphrodites. It occurs when fraternal twins (one male and one female) merge at a very early developmental stage in what is called chimerism. It's very rare, but there are recorded humans who have both ovaries and testes.

Chimerism is another form of intersexuality. A hermaphrodite is fully male and fully female which occurs in some animals as stated earlier. Having mixed genitalia is not the same thing. The term "hermaphrodite" has been an outdated and obsolete term for humans.

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Hermaphrodite means male and female organs- overies and testes. Some chimeras do have both, which does make them a hermaphrodite. Ever hear the case of the man who was given a hystorectomy after going into the hospital for stomach pain which they discovered was being caused by a functional uterus and overies? Most chimeras are simply intersex (referring to ambiguous genitalua), but a handful are true hermaphrodites.

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Moose knuckle is not a male camel toe assclown, unless you're into that sorta thing....

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You're an idiot. Urban dictionary yo' self befo' you wreck yo'self

"Hermaphrodite means male and female organs- overies [sic] and testes." And there has not been a case of that in humans (with functioning ovaries and testes). If there has been a case then this phenomenon is extremely rare. The cases known are those of pseudohermaphroditism. Intersexed people may produce eggs, sperm or are sterile. Whereas a true hermaphrodite would be capable of both carrying and fathering a child (or autofertilize). Carrying genetic material of a fraternal twin that was absorbed (i.e., chimerism) is not the same as being a true hermaphrodite.

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So you got a bigger size right?

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Like I said its very rare but it does occur on occasion. Btw, asexual reproduction is something different and not required for hermaphrodism. When I had to research it there is maybe 50 or less cases in the entire world of human hermaphrodites, but it has happened. Btw functional sex organs are not needed- they just need to have overies and testes. We'd not say a man isn't really a man if his testes failed to work, or a woman who can't conceive not a woman. The most notable case occurred in India however. A man who appeared to be a normal man went to the er for abdominal pain. They diagnosed him with menstral cramps. He had a penis, testes, a uterus and rudimentary overies.

Hermaphrodite- they can do themselves and give birth :) they are both the mommy and the daddy.

"When I had to research it there is maybe 50 or less cases in the entire world of human hermaphrodites, but it has happened." That's the point - it is extremely rare. The original poster I responded to was implying all intersexed people are hermaphrodites which obviously and statistically is not true. As I said before, to call them hermaphrodites - unless they are a part of this very rare percentage - is obsolete and the preferred term is intersex. It's about having respect for them, besides being terminologically correct.

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And I just wanted to clarify since you said humans can never be hermaphrodites that they can in certain forms of chimerism, and which is different from intersex individuals. :) far from the norm but it happens. Then there is the whole issue of chromosomal males who are immune to testosterone and develop as women, but that's different again. Sex and gender is far more complex then many realize! :)

"... you said humans can never be hermaphrodites" I correct that - they can be, it's just a very rare occurrence. As to those who are true hermaphrodites, I still find it politically correct to call them intersexed unless they don't mind the technical term. "Sex and gender is far more complex then many realize! :)" Yes. I, myself, identify as genderqueer (hence the gq in my name).

loose vag much? its ok my friends mom has that same thing according to her. but she has had 7 kids

Doesn't shave and wears serious thong. Also, these pants must be way too small.

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23 enlarged labia is actually a medical condition

That is false. Have you ever had human sexuality as a course?

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Perhaps it was a huge, nappy bush.

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Or perhaps age has a penis? I dunno just a thought.

Or they are huge drooping lips....vaginal rejuvenation

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Last time I read my high school anatomy book, hair was not genitals. Perhaps I need to get with the times?

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Called female circumcision. Not recommended, but it happens.

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Yeah I don't think shaving is the answer her. Maybe just wearing some underwear to start off with? Especially if you are trying on pants that you don't own. Now if OP was actually wearing underwear already then there's a much LARGER issue here.

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Correction: Answer here, not her. Sorry

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Hahahaha tht scene from "despicable me" was hilarious

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-#98.. someone wrote that on the wall in my maths classroom o.O

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lmfao I read it in the voice(x

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How is this even possible? Extra skin? Sounds very painful. FYL

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And you're a dick that doesn't sound like he has any right to be judgemental

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If she didn't take care of herself then that's disgusting. Just because her vag doesn't look like a prepubescent girl's doesn't mean she's gross & doesn't take care of herself. You sir are an asshat. The worst kind of hat.

7- And I find you disgusting for being so mean. It's also disgusting that you don't know when to use 'your' and 'you're'.

Your disgusting.. what? Please, by all means finish your sentence. Don't keep us all in suspense!

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The person probably assumed, like most of us, that the OP was being a nasty ass and trying on things without wearing panties.... Making the whole disgusting comment completely reasonable in my eyes.

Still trying to figure out the logistics without picturing some gnarled up axe wound between your legs...

All I'm thinking of is There's Something About Mary. Seriously, you must have some MASSIVE lips to pull that off.

I'm unable to look at Beanie Weenies the same after that movie. Lol