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Maybe I shouldn't have said "mostly" protein, but it does have protein in it. Look it up.

Semen is only 10% sperm. The rest is made up of enzymes, protein, vitamin C, calcium etc. One average ejaculation has 150 mg of protein. I don't see how I'm an idiot. :/

  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

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  AwesomeAsFcuk  |  0

well I can see how that's disgusting taken that they aren't yours but there's definitely nothing wrong with using your own. it's healthy for your hair and the smell makes most girls horny. I mean I use it all the time and my hair is beautiful.

By  repede  |  0

thats interesting, you would think you would know what cum looks like... then again when it's mixed with some form of shampoo, who really knows what it looks like

By  projoe  |  0

hahaha older brothers are so mean :P mine is moving out soon... maybe I will be free of pranks like tht for a while, at least in my house hold! maybe you'll cum up with a way to get back at him op! (ha see Wht I did there?)