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Today, I met my boyfriend's parents for the first time. Turns out his dad is the asshole customer that I complain about all the time. He recognized me too and spent the entire dinner making passive-aggressive remarks about how bad of an employee I am. FML
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Ask him " if it bothers you so much why do you keep coming back?"

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Ask him " if it bothers you so much why do you keep coming back?"

It's probably a small town and OP might work at a small grocery store or fast food place, and it might be the only one in the area, so customers probably don't have many other shopping options.

there aren't many small towns in new jersey

Not every one can afford the extra gas. Driving to another town. Shouldn't have to either.

Ask his wife if he is as much of an asshole to her as he is to you.

I hope you're joking. I doubt that's any of OP's business, let alone a good first impression.

The boyfriend's father is being an asshole in this particular unrelated situation, and it is uncalled for. Manners are off the table and she's well within her right to counter with equally passive-aggressive commentary.

You're right, he is an asshole. But if she started insulting him too, she would just stoop to his level. I'd rather think "asshole" and smile, maybe he'd stop if he got no reaction. Just my two cents though =)

She probably would agree that he is an a$$hole

Smiling probably won't stop his dad though, lol. If he's that much of an asshole to do it during dinner, I doubt he'll try to stop when he gets no reaction.

#2 right now the dad looks bad cuz he's being an ass. If OP starts insulting him then she is going to look bad too. Better if she just ignored the snide comments and talks shit about him in private with some friends.

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Am I the only one that was thinking, maybe she is a bad employee?

I thought so too. Even if the boyfriend's dad IS a bad customer, OP is in the wrong if she's made the customer unhappy. So I'm gonna say OP deserves it.

Yeah. Maybe it's a two way street between them. Also, there is the chicken and egg argument.

I'm siding with OP on this one. There is a lady at my work that complained to my manager because I didn't slice her fresh roast beef, even though I explained to her that our slicer was in mulitiple different pieces for servicing and maintenance.

I can relate #17, I work at an all-you-can-eat buffet (so it's a flat rate to eat there) and I once had a customer bitch because she couldn't understand why she had to pay full price "if she only wanted one plate of food"

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That's not always true, #11... Sometimes you do everything you can to make a customer/client happy and they're still just a straight up ass. And sometimes, depending on where you work, there are rules you personally are not allowed to bend. I work in retail and at a veterinary clinic... I get customers that hate me because our items are "too expensive" even though I off any coupons we may have. Or, the best, when they REFUSE to sign up for a rewards card and then bitch that they don't get the rewards member's discounts.. Both things are not my fault. at the clinic, the most common is people bitching about rabies vaccines being a legal requirement, or that we won't sell them prescription medication without an exam… again, both things that I have no power to fix. Some people are just assholes

I've had my fair share of asshole customers, so I'm gonna have to agree with OP. They get so rude over nothing sometimes.

#11 really? Because a customer is unhappy is automatically the employees fault? I'm guessing you're probably one of those entitled customers CSR's have to deal with. I worked at Blockbuster and you wouldn't believe how many people would get bent out of shape because THEY had racked up late fees, as if it is was our fault THEY forgot to get movies/games back on time. I had a dude throw money in my face because he was pissed we were charging him for a game HE lost. I had a guy come in with his son and rent a game, come back shortly afterwards pissed because I gave him the game for the wrong system. I insisted that he gave me the deadbox for that system which is why I grabbed it, I then proved this by pulling the deadbox from the shelf and matched up the sku to his account. Then come to find or his young son grabbed it from the wrong area, and it was still my fault because "I should have known better." The customers are not always right!

ooh. i worked at blockbuster too. that was a horrible place. this one time this lady came in with like 5 or 6 little boys around the age of 10 for her sons birthday party, and she was screaming and verbally abusing one, the not even her kid one, and i had to do nothing and watch. then when she came up to the counter, i had to side with her in the "kids suck" argument. i felt so bad, i almost cried. blockbuster sucked ass to work at and here in alaska, we still have multiple open

That sounds like a shitty deal! I didn't know there were any stores open anymore, it's all been taken over with Red Box and Netflix down here.

we have those too, but also a lot of sourdoughs and mushers, which are both equally crazy people. they live out in the bush, and DVDS are the only movies they can watch, because they don't have internet

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That was a long comment #22 I only read it because it said you worked it retail...

If she really was that bad of an employee she would probably be out of a job by now.

I usually side with the service worker in these situations. I once had a formal complaint against me. Myself and the whole restaurant could hear the woman screaming at my manager about how rude I was to her and how I have the worst attitude ever... The problem? Someone else at the table had taken her husbands meal so I asked him if he would like us to cook him a new one

I work in retail and I have seen shockingly bad customers and horrendous service from retail workers but I can say for certain if I was out of uniform and someone mocked me I would happily explain to them that they have worse manners than a street dog. If OP couldn't defend herself I think the back story is needed. FYI the lines I would have used were either "if your parents heard you talking to someone like that how would they feel?" (works better on adult customers) or "surprisingly although it may seem like I own this whole company actually the policies are passed down from head office"

I work at Walmart, and man all the complaints I got are ridiculous. One customer even put in a complaint when I clocked out at my required time because "It's too busy and you need to keep working". Then another in regards to not bagging his items properly... when he didn't even specify... I'm recognized as a very professional cashier, but not everyone can be pleased. :I

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You know who gets bad customer service? BAD CUSTOMERS!! Way too entitled these days

Yeah, I once had a customer who yelled, complained, and insulted me through the entire transaction, to the point that I was crying. Why? I put a packet of jello mix on top of her eggs. She hadn't specified otherwise, either, she just yelled at me afterward because apparently I should have been psychic. And then after that every single thing I did was wrong. She refused to give me any instructions on how she wanted things bagged, but then yelled and called me stupid for doing it incorrectly no matter what I did. And I've been recognized as being one of the best baggers in the store, so I know it wasn't me actually bagging things badly. Some customers just feel the need to take their tempers out on innocent employees and nothing you do will please them. There's no way that's the employee's fault.

#53 I work at Walmart and I completely feel your pain. I work a 10 hour shift and customers yell at me because I'm closing my line so I can clock out. I want to tell them that at the jobs they work at they want to be able to clock out and leave so why can't I. I'm quite incapable of really being mean or rude to people and I always smile at customers yet I get people yelling at me for the smallest things. My manager is nice enough to always have my back with outrageous customers.

Signs of future events, right in front of you.

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Well, hopefully you can get past your differences. Good luck OP.

Maybe you can take the opportunity to learn more about him and maybe find common ground, I do not know what type of work you do, but maybe you can figure out what he expects and do that for him... or tell him to eat a bag of shit. Either way you can resolve your issue.

Talk about how much you love to suck his sons ****, I bet he does not get much sex, talk about the anal and how you don't mind bringing in other hot friends.

It's already bad enough the two don't like each other. Don't make it worse.

Customer's not always right at home! Give him a couple of low key jabs or just lay into him!! Might keep him away from your workplace for a while haha.