By owie - Canada
Today, after breaking my leg, I'm unable to put any weight on it whatsoever. Our bedroom? Upstairs. Our only bathroom? Basement. My husband thought it would be a great idea to leave me alone and unable to walk to go babysit his nieces. I had to piss in a bucket. FML
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  bluejello2001  |  17

OP's ability to do the butt-slide down the stairs may depend on the size of the cast and how recent it is.
When I broke my fibula and tibia, it was at a really weird/bad angle and I was told not to put *any* weight on that leg for the first 3 weeks - I was told to use a wheelchair even in the house. And the cast went up to mid-thigh, so I couldn't even get into a position to butt-slide down stairs until my second and thankfully shorter cast.

  chyiochan  |  31

I'm wondering if OP meant only working bathroom. Like it's under renovation? If not, that really blows. I know really old homes don't have them on main floors, but will on the second floor with bedrooms. I'm sure it's code somewhere that a home requires a working bathroom in all habitable spaces. A basement isn't habitable unless it's finished. Until then it's considered storage!

By  rotflqtms_  |  18

Your doctor didn't recommend crutches? I would have asked for crutches so I could get around. I hate being dependent on anyone for my mobility. Now that you know these things can happen, if it's allowed, see about getting crutches.

By  Susan Yee  |  9

Just bring some food and put a bed in the basement. Problem Solved.

By  Drai Gray  |  8

being a bit of a cry baby if you ask me.....

By  AmbrosiaFan  |  18

Adapt and overcome. When my mom broke her leg, she got a chair potty that my dad would then empty when she was done. Its also possible to slide down the steps, etc.