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  ihasbrains  |  10

I'd say YDI, just for writing 'told a guy at work about my boyfriend". Sounds like a move an attention-whore would make, no wonder why he was skeptical.

  kjbirch7  |  0

lol that's kinda odd more then one person at your work thinks your making him up?!... but anyways if he's not made up tell your boy to visit you at work. and prove them all wrong :) !!

By  Werman20  |  4

YDI for being fat and uninteresting.

  ikickgingers  |  15

So if I say you look like you take it up poopshoot, you deserve it right? Because you are responsible for the way I think about you ....

I don't really think that... I see what you're saying to an extent. I Just don't completely agree.

Excuse me while I thumb you down.


Fat jokes are always a low blow and make the commenter seem like a prick. #2 is in the wrong and his comment was irrelevant and uncalled for but you guys aren't acting any better by calling him fat.

  Happy777  |  0

Hah. Good one, I especially love your tap-out shirt. Do you wear that because you hope wearing it will make you less of a fat new-fag? Or maybe wernen just has a small wiener. Who knows

  Happy777  |  0

I agree, he is probably a great guy, but the people you work with are probably too judgmental that a good guy as great as the one you found, picked you over everyone else :)

  fml_ydi79  |  15

Maybe he is expressing his own insecurities by taking it out on others..... Maybe he feels that way about himself...... Or not *waits for thumbs down* :)

By  WCARlover  |  34

Maybe he was just hoping you didn't have a boyfriend:) but seriously looks have little to do with if you can get a bf or not, I've seen horribly ugly people with partners. I doubt you're ugly anyway:)