By I knew it! - 02/11/2018 17:00 - United States - Washington

Today, I woke up to 6 missed calls. I called back to find a woman asking how I know her boyfriend after seeing our texts. I told her he's been my boyfriend for 4 months, and she told me he's been hers for over a year. He vehemently denied knowing who I am as I spoke, even with obvious proof. FML
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Jerk. At least you only invested four months, she lost a year on a lying loser.

That's a Shaggy situation.


I wonder who is his first preference.

It’s safe to say the one he wasn’t denying he knew.

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What other option did he have? "This girl in your phone says you're her boyfriend." "I don't know you!"

That's probably only because he was physically with the other girl, if he was with op at the time of phone call I have a feeling he would say the same thing about the other girl

That's a Shaggy situation.

Jerk. At least you only invested four months, she lost a year on a lying loser.

Hopefully he now has NO girlfriends.

I hope you both dumped his ass.

This actually happened to me once. I was dating a guy for about a month before I found out he already had a girlfriend of a few months. He completely denied it to here saying I was crazy and we only met once when I had proof and she still believed him. I think he was also still dating another girl I knew who he told me he had broken up with right before we started dating. A few months later she got in contact with me again and told me she broke up with him. Lying bastard deserves no one.

You and the other girl might become good friends after it all tbh You might have way more in common other than poor choice in manky men