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By xrebeccalou - 25/12/2010 04:59 - United States

Today, I went to my long-distance boyfriend's party. His best friend was talking to me and trying to make conversation, he asked, "So, are you two official?" I responded with a definite yes, but was cut off mid-word by my boyfriend, who quickly said, "No, not really." Sorry, I wasn't aware, darling. FML
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That really sucks. Be careful with that one...

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Because cheating on him with his friend will totally make the situation better.


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#1, can I cheat on my wife with you? You're cute. :)

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I'm sure he's just saying that cuz he's embarrassed of you or wants to look single not that that would make you feel better but just saying

Это Дик двигаться почему бы вам даже sagest, что вы член пойти убить себя

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Because cheating on him with his friend will totally make the situation better.

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wow I'm kinda leaning on YDI but also FYL cause he's a dick

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well it's not really cheating if he doesn't call her his girlfriend

That comment makes me think you don't understand relationships very well. OP says boyfriend/girlfriend. Boyfriend says no. Therefore by logical reasoning, he's a cheating bastard who doesn't want commitment.

No screw his best friend. What an asshole.

That really sucks. Be careful with that one...

YDI for not having that established that you're a couple yet.

Um excuse me, whoever you are, shut your mouth. You don't know me and I happen to think that asking out someone in any other form than in person is just immature. So thank you very much for creepin' on my profile. And just because I'm 14, that doesn't mean I can't have an opinion.

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wow 6 and that's coming from a homeless looking man with a lazy eye..

17, you need an actual picture of yourself. I don't listen to fat cows, thanks(:

that explains why you disobey your mother...

Wow. You're mature. I guess I'll just be the bigger person and leave.

Everybody getting into pointless online arguments, I have invented bulletproof apples. Please help me test them out by lining up so I can put it on your head and shot them off with a wide shot shotgun. I'll let you keep them!

Wait, don't start yet mrahhhhh! We need some popcorn for something that entertaining!

6 I think that's how she asked out her boyfriend or it's that time of the month probable both

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mrahhhh- shut up your apples comments wasn't funny but it was lame and a failure not an "epic fail" no just a failure and Sam rawrsamrawrawr whatever the **** your name is how do you want people to take you seriously

She's barely old enough to have "that time of the month"

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sorry pressed send if you have a stupid little kid name and an ugly stupid little kid face then you try to act mature by saying thank you when you're really not thanking anyone I know what you're you're trying to do but it's stupid just stop and admit you're a kid and have never been in a long and long distance relationship

30- Are you stupid? 32- Age doesn't matter with maturity. There could be a 45 year old man that still laughs at the word 'poop' 35- You must be retarded, or just very uneducated. 37- You don't know anything.

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and I'm sure you say you say you have a boyfriend because it's says on your profile but can't anyone say that online you're really ugly and stupid so if you have one I bet he's horrible

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I never said maturity had to do with age I'm basing it on you're comments, don't assume shit dumbass

You need to stop. And if you need proof I'll change my picture to one of us together. But honestly, you're the one acting like a child. You need to grow up and stop. Goodbye.

this thread is getting to the point where I just want to claw my eyes out. it's not even an intelligent argument in any way, shape, or form. enough is enough already people.

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hahahahaha WTF are you an elementary principle? "you need to stop" ok go ahead and show you're boyfriend

ohthebloodygore 16

You're all idiots. If you're going to pick on her, pick on something besides her age. Honestly, all I see is rude remarks about her age.

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This thread is full of trolls with unoriginal insults. Lets all move along.

This is FML, not Youtube. Can you guys keep your inane drivel to private messaging, please?

lol by the way "vergaso" by calling this girl "stupid" "ugly" and "little kid" and all this stuff makes you sound so unbelievably ridiculous. no mature person would say that.. and please, do us a favor and learn the difference between your and you're.

ohthebloodygore 16

48, go back to primary and learn the difference between you're and your. Just by reading your comments, I can only guess you're somewhere about her age, if not FYL for being such an idiot. If you're going to start a fight with someone, don't bring age into the matter. It's quite pathetic.

48- Check my picture now. Are you happy? I don't even know why I'm actually changing my picture just to prove I have a boyfriend. Haha.

lmfao @ 45. that was actually hilarious. sorry for the insult lol. I just hate to see people jumping on other people. 57 I love how we have matching comments haha. your and you're drive me nuts.

wow u guys are so immature for picking on her escpecially bugging her about her age.

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I'm close to her age and why do you care if I ****** up on you're and your I know the difference don't tell me to go back to elementary you're- you are your- possessive now that I showed you I know the difference you can shut the **** up

WOW that was directed to 50. not 45. that'd be me haha.

Honestly, what's the point of this anymore?

WOW that was directed to 50. not 45. that'd be me haha. and vergaso please stop. you look like a dumb ass.

WOW that was directed to 50. not 45. that'd be me haha. and vergaso please stop. you look like a dumb ass.

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yes Sam and he looks like a cracker pussy you can tell because he's a red neck but over sensitive because of his hair he looks gay with that combination and also a pussy because you can tell he's trying not to break your physical "boundaries"

WOW that was directed to 50. not 45. that'd be me haha. and vergaso please stop. you look like a dumb ass.

Vergaso- How are you not banned, you idiot? Don't you have something better to do than to pick on teens on the Internet?

WOW that was directed to 50. not 45. that'd be me haha. and vergaso please stop. you look like a dumb ass.

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Vergaso, why so hostile? You're making yourself look like an unintelligent fool with your middle school insults and vulgarity. Learn some new insults and step away from the overused gay insults, please.

Combinations? Versago, you have some serious issues. I've probably had more girlfriends/boyfriends than you anyway...(I can't see your gender, lack of pic?) And don't talk about him like that. Thank you<3

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69, how about you shove that bloody comment up your arse? For bollocks sake, shut the **** up. You're babbling on and on about her age yet you just admitted you're around her age? Seriously, if you're going to ******* insult her, don't use pictures as an example. You don't even have a picture. For all we know you could be a pathetic 12 year old with no life who wants to act 'cool' over the Internet.

Tizzy- I am bisexual. Do you have a problem with that? I'm not confused or experimenting.

ohthebloodygore 16

I'm sorry I misinterpreted. I apologize for that one. And yes, times have changed, I've heard.

Are you **** bisexual your just jumping on the ‘oh I'm so liberal and super cool cause I got with another girl one time' **** off just **** OFF!!!!!!!!

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87, I've realized that too. The majority of the teenage girls I've seen *mainly on the internet* and 99.9% of the emo/scene community all claim to be bisexual. It frustrates me to no end.

Umm no to both of you. Just because some girls lie about their sexuality does not mean I'm one of them. 91- Your usage of **** is very bad.

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-sips eggnog and takes a bite of my tamales- this is better than a soap opera

Go fuuuuuuck yourself! you'll be lucky if you get a dog turd in your stocking this year!

97&&92- Does that mean I'm one of those girls? No. Like I said, I'm not questioning nor am I experimenting.

99- You are rude, obnoxious, and I think you should shut the **** up.

ohthebloodygore 16

102- Yup. I'll send him an angry email lolz(: I'm going to stop commenting now. Jf I have something to say, I'll PM you[:

xFalzz 0

I wasn't targeting you, 100. Its just an observation. I don't have anything against bisexuality, I just get frustated at people who claim to be bisexual as if its a label to make them cool or the new in thing.

Dear Sam if by chance I found out that you were allergic to strawberries I'd hunt you down, find your house and pelt all your windows and doors in strawberries! do you want to know why I would do such a horrible act? ... because I hate you Sam ... I really really ******* hate you!

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..is this how World War III start?

Oh for ***** sake! I'm gonna have to re-type all my rants!

ohthebloodygore 16

TiZZZY, a moderator deleted it for a reason. For idiots, such as yourself, would no longer comment.

53 - ilol'd at the fact that someone actually implicitly referred to this site as somewhat professional...Just let these kids have their fun. If you don't like it, leave. I find their trollin' hilarious :)

ohthebloodygore 16

119, she works for the site. TiZZZY, the moderators are not the pain in the arse, you are.

You blocked me? lol from sending you PMs I tried to respond to the last one you said and it said... "this user has blocked you." or something. Why? I thought we were friends lololol(;

124 lol I don't even know how to block someone, I'm new :P How do I unblock?

Lololol ummm idk :/ sadly. I'll try to PM you later?

djmigues 7

Don't worry, 27. I bought some **** for cropping. Wait, what?

I'm glad I missed all the deleted manure, because what was left in this thread was enough to make me lose several IQ points. Tizzy, you were rude to Sam but at least big enough to admit it wasn't serious. Vergaso, you're a true asshole in the classic sense for insulting a child (sorry Sam, it's true, even if you're one of the more mature people on this thread). She can't help being a kid, just like you were once. At least she would have an excuse to act immature, even though she doesn't. What's your excuse for acting like a *******?

Doc, I literally just became a member in order to thank you for being one of the few intelligent people here. I completely agree with you, I was reading comments from Vergaso wondering why he was calling Sam immature. I thought for sure I had missed something, but then I saw your comment and realized that I hadn't, he really was mocking her just because of her age. I'm not trying to start anything, I just want to give you props for being smart. :)

Again, there's reference to my age. If I didn't show my birthdate or a picture, would you have even questioned my comments? No, because if I at least added some magic words that made it sound like I was older, you probably would believe I was older. It just goes to show that people judge by age too much, just like we judge race and sexuality too much. Think about that.

indeed, I don't see nothing wrong with being 14, 15, ect. everyone went through it.. or did they just skip several years of their life. I'm curious.

haha tizzy you brought up a good point. and it's nice to see everyone getting along on christmas!

I'm 14 too, and find it really stupid and immature to pick on somebody because of their age. But it is kind of funny how this is such a good example of how age and maturity aren't always the same :)

hadn't you guys ever confirmed where the relationship was standing?! or is he just a dick..... i really wish we could find out what happened after the fml in all these op's lives.

Yeah, the ops should post an update comment

haha that sucks. I'm thinking you and him need to have a talk.

You weren't aware of a lot of things OP. For example, your "boyfriend" is actually two dwarfs in an overcoat trying to see what sex is like with a big person. This show jumped the shark (comedy-wise) from season 4 onwards so only 2 internets to (s)he who gets the reference first.

That right there would be a Family Guy reference. It's only 2 internets; but what the hell, I'll take 'em.

Rei_Ayanami 18

I thought of you as soon as I read "darling". Maybe you are bringing the word back to common use?

aznmex21 3

ouch....kick his ass to the curb