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Today, I wanted to punish a student for being late. I decided to start a pop quiz before he arrived. I was positive there wasn't enough time for him to finish. He scored full marks and I couldn't say a word. FML
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You sir are a prick, btw I pissed my teachers off that way also. Hardly took notes or did extra work, all my test and quizzes were A's or B's. haha

Punish the sniveling little punk some other way. Trying to break students down is a great strategy. You're an awesome teacher! Way to go! /sarcasm

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Did you send him to the principal's office after? Accusing him of cheating on a pop quiz?

haha this kid is me in every way shape and form I am in the top classes for everything and my teachers hate me (except for a few) because I talk and manage to get work done at the same time.Dear OP you sir are a prick and ydi completely.

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same here 12. but the bitch teacher failed me even thoe I got A's or high B's on her tests. >:|

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People like you should never be able to able to teach. You're there to help kids and give them confidence to be whatever they want to be, not punish them just because you can.

pendatik I realize that and therefore If anybody asks me to stop I stop distracting them if they don't and they get annoyed I stop distracting them.

If you're so clever.. What's with that gibberish you just wrote?

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how is this an fml?? so ur lil plan back fired, who cares?? atleast it means that you are doing something right if your students have good grades. -.-

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I thought teachers were there to help students. I'm not saying that all are like this, but seriously.

To all the obnoxious kids saying YDI and you do the same thing and you're so clever because you can talk and get an A... **** you. Your job in school is to be a student and learn so that you can become reasonably functional adults like us. Get to school on time, shut your goddamn mouths, and LEARN. I can't wait until you have a job, arrive late, and get your entitled ass fired. Then we'll see "Today, my entitled ass got fired because I was late for work. FML. " Pricks.

*waves and flashes a big grin at CloudEnvy* *face and hand slowly fall at CloudEnvy's obvious lack of recognition*

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This is why I'm in school to be a teacher, so the world won't be filled with ***** like you making us educators look bad.

well said, 72. talking when others are trying to learn is juvenile. when I was in high school, I came to class, sat somewhere in the back, and doodled or something if I didn't want to pay attention. yeah, these kids need a wake up call. parents do too. no one disciplines their kids these days.

I feel bad for the kids who got there on time, but didn't ace the test. Next time punish the kid, not the class.

WTF it's the first day relax!! c what u got

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it's teachers like you that make school not fun

My history teacher saw a kid coming late down the driveway into school (he was often late). He climbed on top of a cupboard next to the door and leapt down on top of him screaming when he came in. You just need to get creative OP. Or stop being a bitch.

this is an excellent of teachers trying to dumb down smart kids. why bother, just admit some of our students are smarter than you. YDI

Actually 1 I have to correct that, Pwned.

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so bc you ****** up your life your mad at people that can multitask? take responsibility for your own actions douche bag. act like the grown up you said you were. pansy

stupid people should not be teachers. why are you a teacher? stop being a ******** and just do your job.

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Find a way to punish him without punishing the rest of the class. I used to be like you guys. I was arrogant about my ability to pick up on things faster than the other students and perform well on test with minimal prep time or attendance. However, the skill set required to be successful in the business world is different than that of the classroom. Punctuality, organization, presentation, and hard work are rewarded and not your ability to fill out a scantron. Good luck to you guys but I would suggest practicing those skills as opposed to kissing your own ass for the genius you are not.

How old is the kid in question? Was it even his fault he was late, or his parent's? Regardless, YDI for intentionally trying to tank his grades. You're a total jerk and I hope you get fired.

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I skipped half of a final to eat out during college, called my teacher to tell them I was doing it, and made the highest score. I would have done the same thing to you, lol.

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This is coming from someone who got good grades without doing the work, but behaved in class: OP- You're an idiot. You're supposed to encourage good marks, not try to make them fail. Give him extra work, detention, or call his parents. Almost seems like a coward move to me: Secretly punishing him so you don't have to confront him. Idiot. People who talk in class- I don't care what grades you get, that's not the time or place to talk, unless the teacher says you can. I don't care if you stop upon request. You know that it disturbs other students, but you still do it until someone asks you to stop? Sounds like a slow learner if you have to be told the same thing more than once. Get off your high horse. It's possible to be smart and not a prick.

*Waves at TheIrishJaneDoe with equal, if somewhat late, enthusiasm.*

63 You should get appzilla there is an app in it that opens the camera so you can walk and type at the same time. It's called walk and type (one of the 99 apps in Appzilla)

if you teach in college then lock his ass out of the classroom if he is late. I've had a teacher who would lock the door the second class was supposed to start. start the quiz and dont let him in until it is finished. if its high school send him to the principals office before you let him start the quiz if he misses it give him a harder one than the class took, like all essay.

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72 relax. the teacher tried to purposely fail him and got owned. no one said this was a bad student who misbehaves. he jus came late. and btw u sound jealous of the kids who can ace every test without putting in much effort

agreed 165...I think 72 either got owned by some slacking students of his own or spent so much time trying to learn material that he had no life in school

i dont think YDI i think you're a BEAST.

Just my two cents here. As a teacher, I believe it is in your job description to encourage, support and assist children to the best of your abilities. In this FML, you showed poor judgement and character by doing the opposite of what you are to do. Punishing the whole class because of one student's actions doesn't help or benefit anyone in any way possible. It only stresses those that struggle already and does absolutely nothing for him/her. Perhaps you could inquire as to why he/she was tardy and allow him to amend his/her wrongdoing by writing an essay on the importance of time management. This way, he/she would have been penalized while the rest of the class would not suffer. Then again, I am no teacher, therefore, I am not authorized nor am I in any position to tell you what to do. I lack the experiences and I do not care for that particular job field. This is only a suggestion. And as to the others who are claiming succees with minimal effort on their part. Please remember that not all students are equipped with such capabilities and therefore have to utilize the time allotted for each class. Moreso than you. Please be considerate for slower learners because speaking in class not only disrupts them but shows a lack of maturity on your part. Take it from a slow learner herself (In Math and Science only). Please, save the talking for elsewhere, such as outside of class where no -one is trying to learn. But as I said before, this is just my 2 cents. Do what you want with it.

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I fxcking hate teachers like you! I had. teacher last year that didn't "believe" in giving A's. Even the students that deserved them got B's. I fingered that old prick on the way out of class on the last day.

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#72, that's true, we do go to school to learn. Not to be punished. That doesn't help us learn. A lesson, maybe, but not core class lessons.

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Dag nab those rotten kids! (reaches for cane while squinting intently) Seriously, why is it F your L if a student succeeds?! Isn't that the idea?!

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y'all need to shut up and get them edumacation

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haha. op yur such a dick. yu totally got OWND there. ydi!!

Ok everyone calling us kids who can multitask arrogant pricks stfu. The only reason I talk during class is because I don't want to be an adult yet I wanna be a teenager for awhile longer and I don't wanna spend it acting like an adult. You only get to live life once and I want to live it in the funnest way possible and I hopefully am not gonna end up like most of you guys who are probably in your mid-40s stuck in a dead end job and that is the precise reason I multitask and I don't distract the kids who are trying, if anything my friends are distracting me.

your a ass-hole of a teacher **** YOU

72 Obviously this kid is learning or knows it. The teacher is just a flat out prick who rewards obsequious students and punishes the talented ones. Sounds like you've got the same chip on your shoulder.

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Wait so you're student did well and you're upset? What a **** of teacher.

THANK YOU, 146. My thoughts exactly. I've had the cowardly teacher type before, and I cannot stand them. I also can't take teachers who have "favorites". If you're not a favorite, you're despised by them. Also, the favorites get favors, while the non-favorites do not. It's so unfair.

hahahaha ******* bitch you're the kind of teacher that everyone hates and btw I love doing that to teachers who try to screw me over

Now why would you wish that? Because I said that students should learn? Oh golly, what was I thinking? My wife and daughter are beautiful, and they love me. My chance of dying alone is zero. Me=1. You=0.


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244 Damn right I do. They are my reason for coming home every day.

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actually everyone has a chance of dying alone. jus bc u have family means nothing

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YDI for teaching, having students, and giving a pop quiz.

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sounds like my chemistry teacher

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no one waves at me :c *slits throat*

That was really uncool. Im glad he showed you up. YDI.

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I'm going to to have to bake more, but. . . 143 wins 12 cookies for being the only sane and correct person on this thread 161 wins 5 cookies for beating me to that reference XD

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pink Floyd said it best in another brick in the wall pt. 2.

And why would he do that? Maybe that student is even smarter than the teacher but he is too little-close-minded that prefers to find the way to screw the kid before helping him to develope his potential

it's dumbass teachers like you who don't know how to punish individuals that drive my marks down despite me studying at two in the morning to at least try for a decent mark, and while I might be late in the morning it's specifically due to that reason.

I gigglesnorted at your rant, #72. I also agree 100%

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He was late to class therefore he should be punished....what if he was late to a court date? Obviously he would be punished just as well but not with a test. Punishing kids teaches them character and it gives them morals

To all of you saying that the teacher is a bitch and "punishing" the class, I would advise you to reconsider what you're saying. It is completely within the teachers power to issue a pop quiz. You, as a student are not entitled to know when anything that will be graded is assigned. A quiz is a teacher's tool to test the knowledge of his/her students. As a student, you *should* be studying all your notes and work every night so that you retain and absorb all you can. It is just the young and the immature that believe they deserve good grades just because they go to school, which seems to be a common way of thinking for many American students, and one of the primary reasons our schools system is poor in comparison to other first world countries. As to the boy saying he wants to enjoy life because he was blessed with the gift of multitasking, you clearly are not in a difficult enough class if you can "take notes" and socialize at the same time. I'll also let you in on a secret, school isn't fun (or strictly meant to be), so just quit! You'll have tons more fun! I'm positive. :)

Good plan because everyone knows tardiness is a sign of stupidity huh.

TEACHERS LIKE YOU MAKE ME SICK I hope you read these comments and realize what a son of a bitch you are. I'm glad that kid showed you up.

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I hope that shows ur ass not to be such a dbag teacher

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the point of teachers is to teach and help students succeed, not be douchebags like you and try to fail them. YDI. and also, the fact that you felt bad about him passing the test makes you not only a terrible teacher, but a terrible person. I suggest you change your career that best fits your shitty attitude on life.

Ay teacher just so you know people like you are shitbags. Good day.

Just because a student is late doesn't mean that they don't do homework or study. and you shouldn't punish your entire class because of one student.

Just because a student is late doesn't mean that they don't do homework or study. and you shouldn't punish your entire class because of one student.

hahaha serves you right asshole. perhaps the student had a valid reason for being late.

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I always do that to my teachers, even if I'm not focusing in class, then they ask me out of nowhere, I answer it correctly while they're pale faced :)

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I'm guilty of doing that to Mr. Doe, much to his annoyance. After 5 years, he still can't believe I can fully listen to him and read at the same time. :)

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Maybe after five years you should of put that book down and finally passed his class.

Uh, check my name. Mr. Doe is my husband, not my teacher. I haven't had a teacher in about 10 years. -.- Maybe you should get off the Internet and finally pass that reading comprehension class, eh.