By fmlsheffgirl - 25/07/2016 11:52 - United Kingdom - Sheffield

Today, after months of putting up with it, I finally asked my manager not to put me on shifts with this old guy who is racist, sexist and lazy. This was how I found out that he died over the weekend. FML
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Not that I ever delight in the death of anyone, but at least you won't have to work in an environment where you feel uncomfortable anymore. Chin up, OP, no way you could have known!

Problem solved!!


Not that I ever delight in the death of anyone, but at least you won't have to work in an environment where you feel uncomfortable anymore. Chin up, OP, no way you could have known!

I don't know - some people are just better off dead. (Godwin's Law in 3, 2, 1...) like Hitler.

obviously some individuals are better off dead but people really gotta stop comparing every nasty person with hitler

And no one seems to compare awful people to Stalin. Stalin was worse than Hitler. Killed even more people. Not that Hitler was any good.

God killed way way more than Hitler or Stalin. A whole earth full of people apart from Noah and his family.

Yeah but we're talking about real people, not imaginary ones 35.

Yeah. But how many people have died in the name of God? Either out of suicide, or because some asshole with a gun had to prove a point about his religion?

Did you guys seriously just turn this thread into commentary about dictators and religion? Oh, FML, you never cease to amaze... Haha

On the bright side, you don't ever have to work with him. Ever.

Unless she works at a funeral home

Problem solved!!

Exactly. I don't see the problem. It's not like OP was wishing for his death........ Or was she

And THIS is pretty much how Racism, Sexism, etc are finally going to go away. The people who are like that will eventually die off and no longer infect society.

My younger sibling's girlfriend (18 years old) is extremely anti-gay, even though no one in her family has any strong opinions on it. I was shocked when I found out; I thought they were all old people, too. But older people are the majority.

Sometimes you'll find that the people who are the most anti-gay turn out to be that way because they themselves are gay. It's a coping mechanism. They figure it'll either hide their gayness, or that they can't be gay if they hate gay people. I'm NOT SAYING that ALL anti-gay people are gay themselves, nor am I SAYING that most are, just SOMETIMES that's what happens. It may not even be the case now, but I just wanted to throw my two cents in. :)

@18 Or, instead of waiting on death to take them, try teaching and showing them that those hurtful things aren't always true. That, and there's always gonna be people that think like that. They are never going to be fully gone, that's just life.

"Teaching" bigots not to be bigots is a statistical impossibility

Well... Problem solved, I guess >.>

It's ok, op. Don't feel bad. Everybody dies at some point, no matter how nice they are. Now you can work on without any distractions.

Well at least now you know you'll never have to work with him again

Congratulations! You should be glad you never have to work with him ever again.

Well that escalated quickly

I want to know how a racist, sexist, and lazy person manage to hold down a job. Still though, this isn't your fault, your request was reasonable, and you didn't know that he died. You were just working with the information you had, it's not like you were purposefully trying to be insensitive.

That's coming from a subjective point of view, it's possible that the boss had an entirely different view of the man.