By JayDNut - Pompano Beach
Today, my girlfriend "got even" with me after an argument by telling people that I've been beating her. Three guys later came over to my place and beat the crap out of me. Her reaction: "I didn't think they'd take it so serious!" FML
JayDNut tells us more :
OP here. The argument was over where we'd spend Christmas (her family or mine) and I was adamant we'd spend it at mine after spending the previous at hers. No bones were broken (am missing a tooth, however) although I'm a maze of bruises and swelling. We're no longer together now. Thanks for all the supporting messages!
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  Phoebe_Buffay  |  14

I can't believe she would lie about something as serious as this. In health, we're learning about abusive relationships, and the cases are just so messed up. She should be happy that she isn't in one herself.

  MzZombicidal  |  36

32, #1 didn't assume it was horrible. They were only asking what OP did which I'm also curious about. I'm also questioning why she thinks her actions were humorous when there are plenty of women stuck in actual abusive relationships.

  Dawnstempest  |  17

@ 1 Why do you always assume it's the guy who did something to make the woman angry? If this was reversed and a couple of women came over and beat up the OP's girlfriend would you be saying "What did you do to make him so angry?" Or would you be saying "Get the hell out of that relationship with a psycho like that?"

  ottokat  |  15

98 I do agree that most likely, it was an extreme overreaction on the girlfriends part. But to answer the question of why people are assuming OP did something: there are far more cases of abuse from the male side to the female, and as such it is (unfortunately) generally the case in situations like this that it is not just female abuse, but something causing the woman to act that way. (as in, its more likely to be revenge than plain abuse from the woman, because there are so many more cases of women being the abusees) Of course, this is not every situation, but enough to make people assume it's the guys fault.

  TheBrochure  |  22

#139 - It is estimated that there are almost as many cases of men being abused as women in relationships, however most go unreported, as it is a very difficult thing for men to report, because of stereotypes. These same stereotypes account for the reasoning behind the assumptions that men are more often the abusers, and that women do more out of revenge or defense than up-front abuse or control games.

  ThatSynicalGuy  |  10

There have actually been MORE cases of women physically and mentally abusing men in relationships. Its just that when men abuse women it is normally more serious. All I'm saying is that more often than not women are the ones that resort to physical violence first.

  Wolf87535  |  4

i have actually gone through the court process of proving myself innocent of DV. It is expensive, painful, and ruined my job and life for several years after. OP, listen carefully- leave NOW. Do not walk away - run.

  mdcdeve  |  10

Have to agree, there are certain things you should never accuse someone of lightly. Mud sticks as they say, and once accused some will always believe that to be the truth.

  culito_fml  |  10

I had that happen when I broke up with this psycho girl. She later clarified things when I called her out on it and she had no proof, but it still got crazy for a moment for me