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By Insensitive - 14/11/2009 22:26 - Australia

Today, I sent a get well card to my friend. it wasn't until after I got home from posting it did I realise that the stamps I put on the envelope had the phrase "Let's Get Active" on them with drawings of people playing sports. My friend is in a wheelchair. FML
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Really? Is it really an oh my god situation? I really doubt they'll look at the stamp. Who does?

I know! not an fml unless the OP caused the friend to be in the wheelchair.

Maybe the guy is in a wheelchair because of a sport?

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Please tell me this is sarcasm? OMG! The stamp! Must protect injured people from emotional trauma caused by stamps!!!

Wow dude that sucks.....hopefully he didn't notice but I highly doubt that so ur screwed and ur friend might run u over with his wheel chair and then give u a card saying the same thing while he eats cheese-it's!

i know, right? like someone is going to look at the stamp and be offended. unless the person is a stamp aficionado, don't think we have an fml here.

I have to agree. Its not like they will assume u went out and bought that stamp specifically for them.

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I can't tell if you're happy that they care that they might've hurt their friends feelings or being sarcastic.

I don't think your friend is gonna notice the stamp.

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Exactly.... People like that want to be talked normal to. I know someone who is blind, she gets happy if you say "see you tommorow" because everyone treats her like one false word and boom there mad

nobody really cares about the stamp, only whats inside

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LMFAOOO , thats BAD D: But that is also funny as hell !

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Yeah, there are handicapped people who are totally buffed out.

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I know. Just look at Joe Swanson.

It's a "get well" card though. Think about it a little bit. The person in the wheelchair was probably injured recently and it's a bit of a slap in the face if he notices it. If not, and they've been in a wheelchair their whole life, or the majority, it's not as bad as the OP is making it out to be. I'm going with the first though.

I agree w/ Luckster.., she/he will be more touched with the card to pay any mind to the stamp. nice gesture tho :)

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