By Nylo - 29/1/2018 01:30
Today, I made my first ever chocolate fudge, which turned out really nice. I had a bite and left it on the counter with plastic wrap covering, only to come back later to find my sister's cat pissing on it. FML
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By  GoogieWithers  |  19

Did you know that cats have an advanced sense of smell? They can tell if something is off way before a person. Maybe the cat thought it was helping? But FYL for the cat pissing on the counter.

By  _ali__cat_  |  14

sounds likes something my cat would do. this morning she hopped on the bed, stop and stared into my eyes and peed on my bed I just washed yesterday. We also cleaned her litter box yesterday.

  jfsiv  |  17

you might want to take your cat to the vet. it probably has a urinary tract infection. they will start pissing everywhere because it hurts to pee in the litter box so they start looking for a place to go where it doesn't hurt.