By Anonymous - 17/04/2012 02:09 - United States

Today, the closest I got to a vacation was the smell of my new towels, because they remind me of a hotel. FML
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Order pizza, it'll be like room service.

Put your money in a pile and find creative ways to destroy it. It'll be like Vegas.


You need to get out more. D: Go to the park or something.

two words: staycation

MizzErikaHart 8

Can't count^

Just buy some fancy soaps too.

Try and save some money and treat yourself to a nice vacation

Or you could try breaking the habbit wirh a dare of insanity. Easter bunny is weaæthy and I like lasagne..

nofearjenshere 12

^ Woah, you added some cool looking letter to the word wealthy. I like it.

Order pizza, it'll be like room service.

Put your money in a pile and find creative ways to destroy it. It'll be like Vegas.

Sit in front of a light, it'll be like sunbathing

Go take a shower. It'll be like the beach.

Go give your neighbor $10 to use his Internet. It'll be like you're at a hotel.

what the hell happened? request some time off, it's tax season so hopefully your boss will understand!

Aw, poor OP, sometimes , it's good to take a break .. Family time :O !! Bring out the board games ! No, I'm talking about a real vacation .

You realize there are no spaces between the end of a word and the punctuation that follows, right? Right?

Your towels must be awesome. That's not an FML.

Hotel towels smell amazing. I wonder if OP is using this FML to brag to their Internet peers. I would. :P

Thats what jobs are for :) yes, they can be hard to find, but just keep looking.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Where does it suggest that OP doesn't have a job? I know people at my job that haven't had a vacation in years. It's not all that easy to do sometimes.

Get a good job get paid good money go on a nice vacation and if u r single u might just find yourself a descent guy and then it all works out... U'll thank me one day ;)

Mister_Triangle 21

I'm amazed at how much of a disaster your comment is. If your grammar was Jewish people, you'd be worse than Hitler with how much you killed the English language. Also, your advice is awful. Have a pleasant day.

So many grammar and spelling mistakes! You must be new here, read the commenting policy.

xMiss_Maggot 7

descent guy?? it doesnt show op's gender..

Or sexual orientation, for that matter.

demonkonga 5

Those towl are cleaner then some hotel ^ ^

demonkonga 5

Towel meh bad

Also.. *Than *Hotels *My *Towels To be honest im not sure if that makes sense either way.

I'm* Sorry, it was giving me the evil eye...or "i", rather...