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Today, I can't decide what's worse, my mom walking in on me doing the five knuckle shuffle, or the one hour talk the next day about how it's perfectly normal and even she does it. FML
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Your mom does the five knuckle shuffle too? O_o

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Sicko?! What the hell? Whas wrong with masturbating? Oh yea but seriously, lock the door.


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seven year old?? what the ****! the kids balls haven't even dropped! that shit's not okkey!? and giving tips to the kid, definately not okkey!

#42- Epic Win!!! I LOLed so hard when I read that. I agree though. He's not old enough to have his Whack-A-Thon yet.

fail, 42. kids start doing it when they're pretty little... and they just know it feels good, they don't know what it means.

I started feeling down there when I was 6 because I knew it felt kind of nice

Seriously it's normal and healthy for kids to do that. Ask any proffessional. Know your stuff next time.

Deserved. Always lock the door. If you don't have a lock, buy one!

Should of showed her what your little swimmers looked like.

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Everyone does it, and if you say you don't, you're lying

Maaaaybe I'm going out on a limb here, buuut I'm pretty sure that was sarcasm. If so, well played.

Ryan? I bet this chick is Canadians, i hear they are all compulsive masterbators.