By TowelSmellsNice - 16/04/2010 12:34 - Malaysia

Today, I wrapped a towel around my waist so I could take a dump while using my laptop. I sat on the toilet seat and let a big load go. Turns out I forgot to unwrap the towel. FML
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chelsrageous 0

I highly doubt this is true.

I'm sorry, OP, but it truly sucks to be you since... how do I put this delicately? You're a towel.


wait, why is he wrapping a towel around himself to take a dump? I don't get...?

You fail at shit! stupid dumbass lol

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bloodhoundbambam 0

did u dry off with the towel after u Shit in it??

23, he was saying, "You're ******* retarded." OP, what was the purpose of the towel? If I wanted to take a dump while using my laptop, I would just take a dump while using my laptop.

Maybe he wanted a towel on his lap so he didn't burn himself?

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fertie226 1

I wish I hadn't read this one....for fuuucks sake

RaIeigh 0

You need a towel to use a laptop while taking a dump ..?

wtf that is not bad just wipe urself and throw away the towel

Blue_Coconuts 7

He probably wanted the towel so the computer didn't get his legs too hot.

RaIeigh 0

Well now instead of having the laptop burn his legs he has crap caked on his back..

fertie226 1
sourgirl101 28

I thought he had a tiny peepee and didn't want to pee on the lap top. Don't guys have to hold their penis down when they poop? I'm sure none of you would know- claiming its weight holds it self down.

Sourgirl, you just made yourself seem like a little presumptuous ignorant bitch. in case you didn't know, the penis isn't always hard and big. Most of the time, it's small.

andy231245 4

so he/she is planning on taking a shit and wraps a towel around their waist like out of the shower style so laptop won't burn legs. proceeds to shit into towel, am i getting this right because either you are an idiot or this makes no sense

haha this was funny in soviet Russia, all towels are covered in feces. bed bath and beyond is a very foul place to visit.

yeah but why would he wrap the towel, once u wrap a towel around ur waist is covering ur ass, I don't understad the train of thought, why not just put a towel over ur legs OP u r an idiot!!!

sourgirl101 28

Acoti did I say something that hit a nerve? Why are you being so nasty?

Blue_Coconuts 7

Honestly sourgirl, I dunno what dicks you have seen, but I don't need to "hold mine down" when I pop a squat. Maybe that's just me.. He has a point where not all dicks are huge, but he lost me when he said "they're usually small most of the time."... Because again, yeah.. And not saying I'm some stud with a 13 inch dick or anything, but.. Yeah, enough of this talk..

sourgirl101 28

Well I was just wondering. When I was potty training my son, when ever he pooped a small amount of pee would hit the shower curtain. I didn't mean to offend any one who may or may not have a small penis with my stupid comments. Sorry.

78euge781995 0

The towel doesnt serve the purpose of a diaper OP

Blue_Coconuts 7

Well that's different, he's a little kid... I'm talking more about when you get older... Haha

Sourgirl, why would a male have to hold his penis down when he takes a shit? The male organ is not erect 24/7, when in a normal state it lays along the upper thigh. It does not need to be held down, it stays down by itself quite nicely. The muscles and blood vessels are relaxed. It hangs down by itself. Why would a man (or indeed any person) urinate when defecating anyways? The two are not joined in any way, so taking a shit wouldn't mean he would then take a piss into his lap. People only piss themselves from straining if they're constipated or if they have unusually weak bladders (or bladder infections). Neither is the penis involved in defecation, so holding it down into the toilet while ******** would be pointless. What good would holding it down do anyways, besides bring it closer to where the feces is coming out? Wouldn't one want to hold it UP, away from the anus? If your son kept wetting himself when taking a dump, it's probably because he was either too young to control his bladder, or had a weak bladder.

Tiptip904 0

he prob just meant they are flaccid most of the time

Averizzle 0

She has a son so stfu dick. God it's not a big deal guys..

RaIeigh 0

Wow at the shizz posted up there ^

RedPillSucks 31

Wow sourgirl, apparently you did hit a nerve... I thought she was just joking around. It didn't seem like she was trying to be serious. Just tounge in cheek. Oh, and small boys tend to have more rigid penises (peni?) than adult males. Did anyone see Daddy daycare when that kid peed on the ceiling? I thought that was hyperbole until that happened to my son at our friends house. Talk about embarrassing.

I will be first in line to admit that mine is not the biggest on the market... but seriously, if your penis does not have enough weight behind it to hang down and dangle in at least some direction then I feel very very sorry for you... or you just got out of a cold swimming pool... one or the other. You also shouldn't call people "ignorant bitches' either... just because she is ignorant of that particular fact of male anatomy (and ignorance is not stupidity, so don't' get all upset) does not make her a bitch or a target for attack... I am sure if the post was about female discharge you may not have all of the correct info either.

this person is just plain stupid this is not an fml this should be on

is there an and sister site if not we should get together and get ahead on that right now... talk about laughs. (reminds me of Bad Santa)

Why would you need to have a towel on you if youre taking a crap? I M Confused

118- sweet guitar man. is that a gibson les paul or just a LP body style? paige- hii!

Im taking a dump as I type this and Im not using a ******* towel.

To protect his laptop from the toilet water?

spitbubbles 0

can someone please explain this fml to me?

teenager34 0

confusedjake, he was using his laptop, can you read????????

#139 that's gross. Poo water on ur dick. How bout stand up and flush?

bmd23 0

wowwww lmaooooooooooo dumb ass

cookiepookie123 0

Ever heard of a computer table? Dumbass

alleyx3 0

LOL his username is towelsmellsnice

CynthiaBug 0

Hahaha when I was in middle school people would make other people say "I'm sofa king, we taught it."

lol tarynkd other than that you wrote a short childrens book as your comment I agree with you, just rest it on your legs, as you will be taking a dump and will need to take it off regardless win

oh man great idea for new sites...better get on it quick!

DonutNoob 0

guy who said the thing about not pissing while taking a dump.. I take a piss while taking a dump often, doesn't seem to be anything wrong with my bladder and WTF do u mean " keep it away from the anus"? dont u have balls in between u weirdo? and I need to hold my dick down sometimes as well while i'm on the throne takin a piss while takin a dump...

LinsKitty 0

Sourgirl, you didn't hit a nerve at all. Your last paragraph of your first post presented itself in such a way that made it seem like you were being sarcastic. I felt like you were making fun of guys and their sizes. If you were seriously asking a question with no alterior motives, then I apologize for turning into a douche.

Islander_fml 5

"wait, why is he wrapping a towel around himself to take a dump? I don't get...?" Well, if he's in a dorm and he was naked in his room, he'd wrap a towel around himself to go to the bathroom. A similar situation might arise if he was in an apartment with roommates, or whatever. Many reasons to wear a towel to the bathroom.

sourgirl101 28

Acoti- we're cool. I know my statement must of come out wrong. I know you're a sweet guy from our past talks. No harm no foul cutie!

182- Why didn't he just get some pants on? Was he sashaying through his house naked before this? ---> O shoot I'm on my laptop naked and don't want anyone to see my stoof. aha! I'll grab a towel so I don't look wierd because being on my laptop with no clothes on isn't wierd at all.

you freak, you stuck a laptop up your butt ? man that musta hurt ? did the cd drive open up ? did you have a corded mouse attached to a usb port to pull it out just in case it got stuck ?

you're smart :) I would never have guessed

your either an idiot or a computer nerd, if u need to take a shit, drop whatever your doing and take one! or were you like in WoW and doing a raid and your on the boss? ydi for being stupid

lilcec76 0

Why does it care if u are first and one people share their problems an second ur stupid!!!!!!! :(

tigerfox89 5

He was probably still wet and didn't wNt to get the laptop wet

ydi for being totally gross and taking your laptop with you to take a dump.

Laptop- Today, my nasty ass owner tried to take a shit while using me. FML

As if you people have bowel movements and don't read a magazine or something.

actually, no, I've never read in the bathroom.

Seriously, that's a peeve of mine. If you are actually sitting on the toilet so long that you need some form of entertainment while you poop, then you have a problem. Eat more fiber. Taking a shit shouldn't take more than 2 or 3 minutes. You pee, you poop, you wipe, you admire the size if you're into that, and you flush it down and move on with your life.

rallets 22

lmfao yea, ive seen some shit come out of me that i didnt even believe. but i agree with having something to read or do while ********. theres not enough time, at least for me haha

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so you really can't just put down the laptop for two mins to take a shit, like really?

No, I don't get it. Please explain to me, in great detail, what exactly you mean by your statement.

yazzflute 0

I drop bombs with my iPhone all the time and I never drop it in. I even use it when I take baths (I'm a girl). I never need a towel to catch my phone, glad to know I can use it to catch cuss though

Not sure if you caught on, but a laptop is very different than an iPhone.

andy231245 4

well I think we have established yazzflute is a ******* retard

I feel more sorry for the towel. YDI nasty

haydos93 0

Today, I got wrapped around some guys waist, and if you didn't think that's bad enough he just shit all over me all because he wanted to use his laptop on the toilet. FML!

haydos93 0

Towel-Today, I got wrapped around some guys waist, and if you didn't think that's bad enough he just shit all over me all because he wanted to use his laptop on the toilet. FML!

MyNameIsBruce 0

Holy shit this wins! (hehe, shit)

I'm sorry, OP, but it truly sucks to be you since... how do I put this delicately? You're a towel.

chelsrageous 0

I highly doubt this is true.