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Today, my mom informed me that my entire family puts their dirty towels on the towel rack in the bathroom instead of the hamper. I've been using their dirty towels after showers for as long as I remember. FML
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I don't follow your logic, kiddo. Doesn't everybody in your household have their own towel? Or... do you expect that everybody uses a towel only once, then places it in the hamper soaking wet, and then puts a new towel on the rack? Me, I use towels for a few days before they go in the laundry, unless they're really dirty. (It would be really expensive and take up a ton of space to have a set of towels for every day of the week.) Between uses, they sit on the rack to dry. When I was a kid, each had our own bath towel, and would do the same thing. If you leave wet towels in the hamper for a few days, they're going to get moldy and gross - that's why you let them dry out, first. You're not going to die from using the same towel as a blood relative.

Shouldn't you be clean after you shower??? Its like using a dish towel to dry your dishes after you clean them.


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What's the point of having a hamper then? lol that sucks :)

Yeah but technically the towels aren't dirty when you think about it

It's still removing the dead skin cells that couldn't be washed away.

And this is an FML? Have a shower again, use a clean towel and you'll be fine....

yes, it's an FML. Think about how people use a towel. Yes OP can just take another shower and yes she'll be fine. That's not the point. It's icky.

"Think about how people use a towel." to wipe off water AFTER having cleaned oneself? it's not like OP is wearing their dirty underwear. even "dirty" towels are still mostly clean.

Exactly! Only rednecks wipe off with a towel BEFORE that bathe.

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"Icky"? Really? I am sure Op has shared drinks with her family. Also, I am sure the towels get washed after a week. If the mother is aware the family puts the dirty towels on the rack, then she knows where to get them to be washed. This is not an FML, this is a "eww" moment and then you know not to use those towels. Op is stupid. My family does the same thing. I am just aware of what towel is mine and which is theirs. Now Op knows to stop being lazy and get her own towel.

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yes the water wiped off was clean. but imagine. her mother has rubbed that towel on her vajayjay. and then it has been on her face. how awesome does that make you feel? i wouldn't be rubbing genitals, clean or otherwise, on my face.

you realise you were once shoved headfirst through your moms ****** right?

you realise you were once shoved headfirst through your moms ****** right?

you realise you were once shoved headfirst through your moms ****** right?

you realise you were once shoved headfirst through your moms ****** right?

you realize you were once shoved head first through your moms ****** right?

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if you just took a shower, how can you be dirty? you came out your moms vag in the begining. you can use a used towel.

Lmao. need better observational skills.

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maybe ur a bit slow not to realize you've been using dirty towels?

Shouldn't you be clean after you shower??? Its like using a dish towel to dry your dishes after you clean them.

Dirty... towels? I'm assuming you mean the towels people use to dry themselves off once they get out of the shower? After they get out of the shower... clean?

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no, dead skin and crap gets on the towel fibers. Oh, and there's always a phantom pube.

so you enjoy using a towel right after your dad has rubbed his parts all over it?

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bubblz, yes, I do, it's better than it being direct. Can I hear you say wincest?

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Omg, is that like a phantom limb? LOL, made my day. Wincest is when two winners get it on. Losercest is what the Op does with their hand.

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Why thank you, I'm here til thursday.

This is why you don't reuse towels, I would get a new towel each time I took a shower when I was living at home. I don't want to dry my face off in the same place someone used it to buttfloss.

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or you get your own set of towels keep them in your room, and only you use them, everyone in my house knows which towels are mine. And the only person I share a washroom with is my bratty little brother and he wouldn't dare touch my towels.

or you have towels stacked or stored in a certain area that are clean and when they are used you put them in the dirty towels pile. That's just how my family works.

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I don't understand how this happened. If you use your own towel, instead of whatever towel happens to be hanging on the rack, you wouldn't have this problem. In my family, we each had 5 towels each in a different color. We only used our color of towel. Now that I'm living with my husband, we just each use whatever towel we pull out of the drawer, and hang it up in our own spot so we don't use each other's. Why would you use a towel that's not yours hanging on the rack in the bathroom? Weird.

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Not every family does it that way though! In my family there were two towels of the same color hanging in the bathroom that my brother and I shared. I was usually the first to take a shower but who knows what towel my brother grabbed because they were just hung up again until they were washed over the weekend.

I'm sure I said No when this came on moderation. This really isn't a big deal at all unless your family all have psoriasis or something.

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I don't even see why that would be a problem. Psoriasis is just a build up of dead skin cells. It's like the dead skin found in dust but more of it.

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you would use a towel that someone with psoriasis just used to scrape off all of their extra dead skin?! that is disgusting