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  boofgall  |  16

Or say that you were just getting something from your car, or that you're stepping out to pick up something you might need.
Or say you aren't feeling well and you feel nauseous/have diarrhea (both are necessary things to be sent home for) and say you were coming to look for him to tell him you need to go home.

  DocBastard  |  38

*inserts comment into Idiot-English Translation Engine*

"You should have said to your boss, 'I wanted to meet you and they told me you just left, so I ran for the elevator. Thank god I just caught you!' I typed this comment with my pinky toes."

You're welcome.

  Perdition  |  4

He/she is probably NOT a native English speaker, which actually makes him/her more intelligent than most Americans, including yourself.

You should try learning a second, third, or fourth language and take direct criticism for not being able to concoct sentences in a structurally correct way. It's loads of fun, as I'm sure piccalo could tell you.