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  ScreamAimFire  |  0

But it's a reply to because obviously he was informing this person he made a fail of comment. A comment more of a "Oh nice shirt!" A reply is saying something to someone else, engaging conversation like we are right now! See pressing the 'Reply' button means you are replying to the other person. You know if he pressed the 'Comment' button to this post it be a comment.
So thanks, have fun publishing you own dictionary and informing me what a comment is. Kudos to you!

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

#51 fails at being a grammar Nazi. It's fine to start a sentence with a conjunction.

#52: *too. Pendatik did not say it wasn't a reply but just pointed out that you were incorrect when you implied that it was not a comment. Every thing posted on here is a comment; some comments are in reply to other comments.

Allmidnighteyes, I love your comment.

  DocBastard  |  38

If I may reply to the comment that was a reply to a comment about a comment about a comment, which was likely more of a reply than a comment but could still be construed as a comment since all replies are comments, yet not all comments are replies. Um...uh...

My train of thought derailed.

  jif_fml  |  0

the existence of a mistake in the past does not make it less of a mistake. but hey, who cares? personally i tend to view comments/threads as conversational english rather than anything close to formal writing. i've never understood why anyone who's taken high school english feels entitled to snidely correct others' grammar.

  bailes_o_hay  |  0

Thank you 79, it's not like this is an academic paper. I think if you can get away with using emoticons you're ok if you start your sentence with "and." There's a difference between conversational English and formal written English, so relax people. Besides, no one thinks you're cool for correcting someone's grammar.

  k9obsessed  |  5

Can we all just stfu about the fucking grammar already?? My God, I'm the biggest stickler for grammar i know and even I don't care if people use improper grammar on this site~! Jesus, people, grow up! This is a site where people post shitty (and often lame) stuff they've been through lately, it doesn't fucking matter if their grammar is correct!


You used a lower case i when speaking about yourself, and you inserted a "~" before an exclamation mark. For someone claming to be a stickler for grammar, you don't seem to be able to proofread.

  Silversyx  |  0

Um.....after all of the "grammar nazi-ing" comments, did no one realize that the actual cartoon has a spelling error?? WTF is "Writting"?

  Evii_fml  |  5

Dam why do people focus more on the "spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and all that other shit" instead of the freakin FML itself? It's annoying and no one like a smart ass.!

By  marinus_fml  |  19

Fuuuck that sucks OP :( I had that on monday when my 5 minutes turned into 3 hours :( I need all the study hours I can get for my end of year exams next week! I feel for you OP, but you kinda deserve it.

  bamagrl410  |  31

I did that this morning when my 5 min turned into a couple hours as well... oops. And marinus, you're taking end of year exams already? I don't have finals until December. Yikes.

  marinus_fml  |  19

Haha yeah were lazy here in Australia :) Uni doesn't start until March, and we finish mid semester in June, start second sem in August, and finish it mid Nov :) so yeah 3 months summer holidays ;)

  bamagrl410  |  31

Wow. Looks like I've been going to school in the wrong country then! Haha. Good luck on your exams though!

By  YigalElohev  |  2


That happened to me with a 33%-of-our-grade project...resulted in me retaking the course over the summer because I was less than half a point below a B, which was needed to move on to the next course and the professor didn't believe in rounding grades.