By Anonymous - 08/05/2013 06:42 - United States

Today, I got a breast exam. I'd never had one before, but assumed it would be quick and easy. I had no idea how ticklish my boobs are. I burst out in uncontrollable laughter and kept instinctively jerking away. FML
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Has nobody ever touched your boobs before?

You were probably in a tit of laughter by the end of it! I know I probooby shouldn't, but I found this hilarious, OP. I mean, it's better than feeling a little nip, right?


oj101 33

That must be em-breast-ing for you

Laurenluvz 11

I honestly don't see how em-breast-ing is close to embarrassing..

Looks like you made a right boob there son.

oj101 33

Ah who am I kidding? I'm no Pleonasm when it comes to puns. Just let me hide away in embarrassment whilst I clutch onto the last shreds of my dignity. At least you guys understood my pun, whether it was good or not.

23 - don't ya mean, hide away in em-breast-ment?

I didn't even understand the comment until someone else said it lol


flockz 19

em-nipple-ing. yep that doesn't work at all.

embarr-breast-ed Ha! Got it

groovycrazyjoe 18

I thought he meant impressive lol

That's the best you could do? When I read this FML, the word "titillating" came to mind. Haha

The key to word play is to always be sure that the altered version has the same amount of syllables as the original word, or else it doesn't sound right You're welcome

Has nobody ever touched your boobs before?

24- I'm not sure if I should send you "happy-fondling-thoughts", or count your Don Juan Kitty as an "honourary groper" to make up for it. ;P

xcam1995 6

Of course not, she must be a nun.

Maybe she's a responsible young teen? Does everyone have to have their boobs touched by the time they are 13?

You were probably in a tit of laughter by the end of it! I know I probooby shouldn't, but I found this hilarious, OP. I mean, it's better than feeling a little nip, right?

Well you've got the make the breast of the situation, haven't you?

Don't be a boob about tit just put on your braveBreast face and grope with the flow it will be over in a nipple while

groovycrazyjoe 18

lol you didn't have to spoil the milk for her ;-)

I think it's time to these jokes in the bud.

Naw, you gotta milk it for all it's worth.

Why do you assume I had to try to come up with it?

Sinamoi 18

That's a rather interesting place to be ticklish, but then again I'm a guy so I wouldn't know; my chesticles aren't ticklish.

perdix 29

#4, it really doesn't have anything to do with gender. My nipples are the most ticklish of anyone I know, and everybody else I have tested has been female. Good thing I don't have to go for the exams.

My boyfriend is extremely ticklish in his chesticle area. I don't think it's a girl thing.

RedPillSucks 31

Isn't that why they call them chest-tickles? Hello? Is this thing on?

then000bster 16

For some reason my imagination will not let me imagine a Perdix laughing from someone tickling him on his nips.

perdix 29

#43 and #47, you guys' instincts are SPOT ON! You do not want to be there for that! I'm sorry I had to be there for that -- it ain't right.

At first I saw "Breast exam" and "Jerking"... I thought this was going to be an FML about the doctor havin' a wank behind the curtains.

Maybe they should have bought you a drink first?

Wizardo 33

Ticklish areolas... well that's a new one.

As long as the doctor wasn't instinctively jerking away on his willy...

perdix 29

Was this in the context of a medical procedure or a date?

\ 28

Well there is a medical profession for every fetish, so...

I suppose this is the very first time someone gave your boobs some attention...

Elegant and mysterious indeed