By novaguy - 24/02/2015 16:15 - United States

Today, I learned that, when choking on a piece of food, you can cough hard enough to partially prolapse a hemorrhoid. FML
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Coughed your ass off?

Maybe if you sneeze it will go back where it belongs.


Coughed your ass off?

Frillwee95 12

His ass is still intact, it's just taking the game of peekaboo to a hole new level.

Coughed the shit out of him*

Maybe if you sneeze it will go back where it belongs.

Huh I've seen sneezing , coughing is s new one though. That's goin to be a pain in the ass.

at least you didn't choke, man. could be worse.

That's exactly wat he did actually

maybe he meant continue to choke, and die?

#14, as in, choke to death. that's an important addition i forgot to make. regret is washing over me rn.

nesteremily 31

So sorry OP, I hope you feel better. On the upside you didn't choke to death.

Exactly, then OP would be in a coffin, not just coughin'

#6, with that profile pic, you *kind of* have the responsibility to make all your comments sound like Yoda. I mean... come on.

Today I learned that long distance runners tend to poop their pants, so at least that didn't happen.

it's true always take a dump before a race

Steve95401 49

This brings new meaning to "Roid Rage".

Lucky you didn't crap urself.

Down Down Down, like a burning ring of fire.