By gimmeabreak0_o - 18/06/2010 07:18 - United States

Today, I was with my girlfriend and thought it would be cool to rip off my shirt while we were making out. It wasn't. Her bed was under a bookshelf and my shirt didn't even come off. I busted my head while she busted up laughing. FML
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MrCalves 1

because if it works in the movies it works in real life, yes?


to be honest I recon he did think it through. hence 'i thought it would be cool...' I think the problem was in the execution hahah. why rip a good shirt anyways right?

sourgirl101 28

So are you saying you didn't rip off a shirt before taking that picture? lol Maybe the op ripped off a thin nasty wife beater. Some shirts need to be destroyed. What better way than fooling around with someone you love?

Sourgirl I liked hearing about your sex life and wish my husband would rip off my VS panties:/

You like hearing about a stranger's sex life? That's not creepy at all...

iamchuck 0

Hulk-a-mania you're not. Hit the gym, beefcake.

jennasayhella 3

that sucks ass ...maybe it's. sign from god to leave it on

lmfao nice why would you rip your shirt off?

haha ahwe...I'm sorry that mist hurt sid you go to the hospital?

Do you even read what you write before you press send?

sharon_ellj 0

wow you must have a pretty good bod in order to have the confidence of ripping your shirt off eh?

yeah... sexy like the hulk sexy... maybe you should try ripping HER clothes off next time ;)

dudeitsdanny 9

Well... He was obviously overly confident.

hahahaha. super fail! stuff that seems sexy in the moment sometimes don't turn out to be that sexy...