By Ari - 16/01/2013 06:36

Today, my mother-in-law gave me a bottle of champagne for my birthday. This is the third year in a row she has done this. I'm a recovering alcoholic, and she's well aware of that fact. FML
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why dont you give it back to her on her birthday?


Your hubby would know and he'll treat you much better to make it up to ya. Cheer up!

63 - Because that's what married people do. When your spouse is upset, you cheer them up. It's really quite simple. Get it now?

why dont you give it back to her on her birthday?

41 I don't believe champagne is flammable.

Iknoweverything 29

Recovering alcoholics aren't supposed to keep alcohol in the house. Hence, the better solution is this: Every year you open it, don't say a word, don't even say "thank you." IMMEDIATELY dump the bottle and throw it away, and if she's there, maintain eye contact with her while doing this. (Bet she won't keep it if you're maintaining it.) And when she complains to everyone else, make sure to say "I wasn't trying to be rude, it was just for my well-being."

I wanted to animate the people here to write down more holidays. My plan failed :(

Or on desperation day(February 14th) feel better Tyler?

Way better, thank you. I like the idea. It would be fun if op brings her the alcohol on the 14th.

imavelociraptor 6

Or maybe tell her to not give you anything at all since it's better than receiving alcohol.

Yea, don't hit the bottle, hit the mother in law!

perdix 29

What exactly is "it" that you are pointing at her face? Oh, wait, it's the bottle! I had something else in mind. (Note to self: cut back on MILF ****.)

Or hold it like a bat and smash it on her car.

perdix, why are you looking at **** of Moles In Lavender Fedoras?

@57 oh that's what it is I always thought it was mice in lilac frocks thanks for clarifying.

crammer1 6

There's only two ways to handle the situation. Calmly ask her what her intentions are with such a gift, or kindly accept it and then make sure to throw it away when you leave. Her one main purpose is to taunt you to see what kind of reaction she can get.

bredahl 26

Congrats on being sober for 3 years! Write a passive aggressive note to your mother in law, place the note in a giftbox with the three bottles of champagne and tell her to stop wasting money. Or maybe she's just hoping you'd regift it to her.

TheDrifter 23

Why passive aggressive? That crap annoys me to no end. Try assertive, strongly worded, or even brusque instead.

Can anyone give me a concrete example of being passive aggressive? I know the defintion, but if someone were to ask me, is this or this situation PA, or how can you characterise PA in an example, I'm stumped. Any takers? I've always wondered, and searched for a true example.

When I upset my dad he gets an angry look and sternly says "I am not happy about this". Then he spends the rest of the day mumbling angry things about me to himself.

Actually what the mother-in-law did is passive aggressive. She is giving a gift - obstensibly a nice thing to do - but giving something that she knows is a harmful gift the person won't want. It's a nasty thing to do, but if they call her on it she could say she forgot or had good intentions. It doing something hurtful, but not openly or honestly; feeling aggression, but showing it in ways that aren't obvious. Eg, being mad at your boyfriend for never doing the dishes, but instead of telling him so, you "forget" to record his favourite show instead.

The monster-in-law is being passive aggressive by giving her recovering alcoholic of a daughter-in-law champagne for her birthday. Check that; the M-I-L is a bitch.

>sober for 3 years OP said that she gave him 3 years in a row champagne~ so he might be recovering for a longer or shorter period

Champaign is hardcore stuff. Don't mess around.

I don't understand... They spell it for you RIGHT in the ******* FML. Champagne*.

*Zapp Brannigan voice* You want the rest of the Sham-pag-in?

That's just so rude, find her biggest fear. Is it spiders? Spider socks? Not good enough? Say hello mr fluffy the tarantula.

I'm not the least bit afraid of spiders, but wasps however I understand. Those winged bastards are like the Apache helicopter of the insect world.

jogihoppa8343 23

thats true.. the wasp can be one's worst nightmare..

Spider wasps. They exist and I am terrified of them. They eat spiders. And their nickname? Tarantula hawks. They attack my face in the summer...while I'm in my bathroom. For the past three summers. And they have to be triple tapped or I swear to god they're zombies.

They eat spiders but attack your face in the bathroom during the summer? Is your face frequently covered in, or does it in some way resembles spiders in the summer? I would say that would be something to have looked at rather than just let it happen.

56 where do you live just so I know where to never go?

I live in Texas And I'll have you know, my momma says I'm very pretty! Spider face or not! :P I dare you guys to look up videos of them attacking spiders. You'll never sleep again.

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For her birthday you should get a brochure for a free consultation at the local plastic surgery doc, and do it over and over for each holiday... ;-)

Mother-in-law with the letters rearranged just comes out to be Woman Hitler. Stay strong OP, stay strong.