By Anonymous - 16/09/2014 05:04 - United Kingdom - Bristol

Today, a customer told me that there was no way he was paying for his shopping. He then walked off. As it turns out, the customer IS always right. FML
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Guess who's getting free groceries tonight!

markcallanan_ 20

I'd say call your manager or maybe cops, even though he's long gone


Guess who's getting free groceries tonight!

Sure the groceries might be free but the cost of going to court for petty theft isn't.

Don't feel bad some people are just idiots not your fault he walked out

markcallanan_ 20

I'd say call your manager or maybe cops, even though he's long gone

ShannonBitt 29

I'm sure they could look at security cameras. And if OP got his license plate number and description of his car, then the police could've tracked him down.

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okay. you don't have to be an ass about it... and honestly for all you know he could have been the owner of the store or something and the op just didn't know...

#40, 16 I think was just trying to tell a terrible joke. I don't see any reason that he is an ass here other than that terrible pun. Relax

toowie_fml 20

I don't think that applies when they're breaking the law...

LocoMarshmallow 13

It's okay he can pay the police instead of you

SaharaZinc 14

Well, I hope his bad attitude and stupidity catch up with him when he gets charged for lifting,

I see two possibilities: 1) the customer walked off with groceries illegally. 2)walked off with groceries by managing to convince OP's manager or supervisor that he doesn't have to pay. Now the second is a possibility because OP emphasis the "IS", which made me believe that the customer got away without paying. no charges will be charged in order to retain "customer loyalty".

Customers pay though, this guy's a theif.

There's a third possibility though, the customer realised his groceries were too much and walked off without them.

customer loyalty? the only way a thief can be a customer is to stop stealing and buy their things. who wants a thief as a customer anyway, they don't buy anything?

There's also the possibility that they walked off without their shopping. Unlikely, but still possible.

thats a ridiculous level of democracy right there

He didn't pay which means technically he's not a customer yet.