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  Today, at age 31, I was about to finally lose my virginity. As we tumbled onto the bed, an excruciating pain shot through my stomach. It turned out to be a hernia, and no, I didn't get laid in the end. FML
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  cadillacgal79  |  32

I'm pretty sure no one has lost it yet at my school (I'm in the same grade as you) but there are these two really slutty girls,and they are disgusting. I find it disgraceful that that there are kids younger than us losing it.

  Algorithm  |  24

Why do any of you feel entitled to judge other people for a personal choice that doesn't hurt anyone else?

And by "people" I mean women. Because typical double standards.

  Khaleesi_26  |  30

I think the people who are saying its gross is because teenagers are losing thier virginity and then sleeping around and being slutty on purpose. And quiet frankly it is a choice that hurts people because younger people are now at a higher risk for STD's and passing it around. It would be different if it was like the middle ages where we were married off at 15/16 and staying with one person. But if I'm wrong than I'm wrong.

  Godsofdracos  |  15

I'm sorry but I'll slut shame a person under 16 all I want to. You want to dress like a slut, act like a slut? You can bear the shame of being that slut regardless of your age.

Before you call me a hypocrite, I'm a man whore. I'm also 23. The girls that they're so called slut shaming are in 8th grade. That's 13-15 depending on academic success. Stop enabling teen moms, shame the stupid young sluts.

  cadillacgal79  |  32

I'm sorry I shouldn't have said gross, I should've said scary. I haven't even as so far as kissed my boyfriend yet, and I've heard freaky stories one which kids younger than me are losing it. There are these two girls, who just are really inappropriate. A lot of girls in my grade have small or no breasts, these two happen to have Cs, on picture day, let's call her girl A was wearing a tight fitting, really low cut, really short dress. Her breasts were hanging out, yet she didn't get coded. All guys in my grade said what she was wearing was very disgusting. I wouldn't say I'm slut shaming but I have an idea of what modesty is. Sorry if I'm offending anyone.

  Axel5238  |  29

This is for woman and men. Being sexually promiscuous is not healthy and not something to find pride in. You have every right to engage your own body in self destructive behavior but its not my duty to affirm you in that. STD rates are up CDC issued a report that by 2050 80% of the 25 and under population will have an STD they can't get rid of. Those are pretty frightening odds.

  Mauskau  |  35

And that is why schools in the UK and some other countries have uniforms, so people don't come in to school dressed like whores at the age of 12. They still dress like it outside of school though.

  Just_A_Tree  |  20

The only real thing that is disturbing about younger generations losing their virginity, is that they don't think of it as "I could end up being a parent because of this, and I'm not ready. And how will this effect both my life and theirs in the near and far future?" They just think "this feels good, I like it, and I want more."

Honestly, some people say it doesn't effect people mentally. It does. Women (generally) experience sex in a different emotional way than men do. I've had friends come to me for help with serious issues that came from having sex at a younger age than they were ready for, while the guys were better than ever and ready to bounce to the next girl.

I personally couldn't care less about what you and someone else choose to do. The only time where it could be considered my problem is if I'm entering in a relationship with you after.

If you ask me for my honest opinion, I'll give it to you. But other than that, I firmly believe that the only person who can truly judge you for your choices is God. And even then, forgiveness is still an option. (Sorry about putting religion in here).

And as a virgin, to those who think that the reason we don't like how people around are losing their virginity is that we are jealous.

Get off your high horse. I'm not jealous of a choice that I could make in my own life. I'm annoyed with hearing how I'm so weird for not having sex, and that I'm a pussy for not trying to get in a girls pants. If you don't want me to say anything or judge you for your choice, then the least you can do is the exact same!

  angeluv_2014  |  22

I lost mine at age 11. Not saying that's normal, but in the end everyone makes their own decisions and decides how to deal with them. It's no one else's place to tell someone what they can/can't do with their body and when.

  mangoboy1  |  19

it's a biological instinct for men not to like slutty girls because the more partners she has the more likely it is that you're going to raise a child that isn't yours and that is the epitome of evolutionary failure. and the double standard exists because getting sex is easy for women and hard for men and also the purpose of organisms is to pass on genes and it doesn't help a woman to have multiple partners it's still only 1 baby every 9 months.

  oneninetysix  |  8

we have uniforms at my school and the girls get their pants tailored to be super tight the tuck in the shirts during summer or they wear it with no shirt under which u cant do because it has a low V neck