By GreenShelves - United States - Lynchburg
Today, after staying up late all week to get work done, I arrived at my job having accomplished all my goals. In my sleep-deprived stupor, I completely forgot to bring the briefcase that had all of the evidence of that hard work. FML
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  IntrepidPig  |  21

I think you need to chill, like many of the people on this app. I'm sure they didn't write their comment like that because they're and idiot. It's kinda something people do when their simply unsure of how to express their sympathy. In my opinion, there are two likely causes for the causes of this comment:

1. They made a mistake and expressed their sympathy in a way undesirable to many people.
2. They are trolls that feel no sympathy.

Either way, you need to calm down. If you feel bothered, downvote the comment. Otherwise, I would rather you take the first situation I offered as true, and behave in that fashion.

I am aware that this comment may seem somewhat hypocritical, and after all, I am trying to end comments like mine and the one above me. I found this as an entertainment app, and I would like to keep it in a way that people can express themselves and their personal humor and not get their heads bitten off. Once again, I hope you never see a comment like my own again.

  Tripartita  |  44

"Either way you need to calm down." This coming from somebody who ranted for a couple of paragraphs and tells strangers what to do? Lol. I posted a funny comment in response to a bad one; I'm perfectly calm. ;-)

  Tripartita  |  44

I'm okay with you finding my comment rude; rudeness is subjective. From my perspective, telling somebody what to do and making incorrect generalizations is rude.

By  interesting33  |  36

That sucks OP but surely your work should not be expecting such unsociable hours that you are that tired.

I recommend talking to HR or your supervisor. You should have a contract with the number of hours.