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  meepmeep_fml  |  0

Uhh, you know, I don't think the use of the word 'fragrant' here constitutes sarcasm. You're kind of retarded, lrn2internet.
also, where/were, maybe you actually do need to lrn2words?

  ChairForce  |  0

Not just morning, but first thing. For the most accurate results you need the first morning pee that you've been storing in your bladder overnight. So unless she hopped out of bed, got dressed, went to Target to buy the test, then went to the bathroom there all without peeing she's not following the directions for the test. As for "fragrant", who gives a shit (pun not intended)?


Some people take them as soon as they get them. So they go to the nearest toilet. I'm not familar with the shop "Target" so I don't know if its usually a hygenic place to pee.


You've obviously never worked at a Target. As a former team-member (their euphemism for "employee,") let me assure you: the only thing higher-class about Target is the pricing. =/

By  yetanotherreader  |  0

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The FML isn't that she heard someone taking a crap.

Someone who takes a test in a public bathroom most likely doesn't want a baby, Otherwise she wouldn't feel the need to do it somewhere other than home.

How do you know when your life is screwed up?

You're on a toilet in a department store, waiting to find out if you're pregnant, sitting next to someone who's doing a shit.



If the said person taking the test doesn't want to be pregnant and doesn't want mom and dad to know, then yeah, theyre going to have to find some place else other than home to do it. :/

By  TheTruth1428  |  0

1) You life isn't fucked because someone had to take a shit. Everyone does it.
2) YDI for taking the test in a Target bathroom, not at home.
3) Unless your shit smells like roses and you never make a noise, shut up.

By  Daydreamer86  |  0

Because apparently it's wrong for crap to smell? I'm sorry, but I don't see an FML here. Crap is smelly, and a person had to go. Big deal. Get on with life.

On the other hand, if the pregnancy test was positive, then that would be an FML.


Would you enjoy hearing and smelling someone taking a crap while you're probably freaking out waiting to see whether or not you might be bringing a human being into this world? Anyhow lighten up, FMLs can be silly and stupid or serious.

By  danii_s2  |  0

geez wud ppl just chill? this site gives us a laugh, generally at ppls misfortune/stupidity. if ur not enjoying the website, go elsewhere or quit complaining. the comments r starting to ruin it for me. I found this funny, n u guys r so serious. if all u wana read about is ppl gettin cancer/dying- times wen their life actually is effed, go elsewhere. seriously.

  NorfolkDude  |  2

Judging by your lack of decent grammar and spelling, my thought is that you're a bona fide idiot who probably encourages retarded behaviors such as taking a pregnancy test in a Target bathroom. I just wonder if your mother took a pregnancy test in a Target bathroom and found out she had you? Judging by her lack of intelligent, I would say she passed it on to you.

  thesunshotme  |  0

Christ Al-fucking-mighty. What is WITH all the grammar nazis on this site? In case everyone's forgotten, we're commenting on a fucking entertainment website, not writing a goddamn english paper. Putting people down for writing in chatspeak doesn't demonstrate your intelligence, asshole.

  Lonely_Lez  |  0

Actually there is a genetic component to intelligence. This can be seen in IQ scores of monozygotic twins who are separated at birth and raised in different environments. Of course, this is only a part of intelligence, and it has environmental causes as well (which can be also affected by parenting--nurturing, helping skill development, etc.--so I would say that your mother (as well as your father and other ancestors) has a lot to do with intelligence, in a few different ways. :)

As to the grammar nazism, IT'S FUN. If you don't want your grammar to be corrected, don't post on the Internet, because others have a free pass to comment on and correct what you say. For spelling, I suggest you download Mozilla Firefox and then get a dictionary add-on for your particular language (and for the language you post in, if it's a second language) because it will let you know when you spell a word wrong and will give you suggestions as to possible correct spellings.

  Demetra_fml  |  0

So those who lack decent grammar and spelling fundamentals are bona fide idiots, those who are so nervous about being pregnant that they choose to test themselves in a Target bathroom are retarded, and the HYPOTHETICAL notion of Dani's mother finding out she is pregnant in a Target bathroom must mean that she, too, has bad grammar and is retarded, therefore, Dani is as well?

Okay, Holier-Than-Thou. FYL.

Let's focus on the actual FML, in which case is a decent FML as she may be pregnant, obviously does not want to be, and has to wait the time limit on the pregnancy test while inhaling the sweet smell of public bathroom bowel movements.