By babs - 07/05/2013 19:07 - United States

Today, I was in the doctor's office waiting for my husband to arrive, when a little old lady sat beside me. She seemed nice, until she started farting and blaming it on me. They weren't silent; they sounded like trucker farts and smelled like death. I was there for over an hour. FML
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oj101 33

Troll grandma strikes at it again.

I loved the wording of this fml "they were trucker farts and smelled like death"

rg350dx 29

Just when I though the old people FMLs were down and out they come right back with a second wind...and a third, probably a fourth too.

The old people FMLs will never disappear.

The imagery in this FML is fantastic. Im sorry you got trolled by someone twice or three times your age though OP.

Tell her it's okay, & to work toward the light

#14 imagine morgan freeman saying it

Wizardo 33

Well that's one way to break the silence, by gassing it to a dark and painful death...

You should have either moved or sprayed her ass with Febreeze

mmizbbz210 13

yep, because everyone carries cans or bottles of febreeze with them @_@

therealafroninga 10

Febreeze, for things you can't wash; like your car, mattress, and that farting oldlady.

Betty White has all these seniors pranking the rest of us, and it's getting kinda out of hand...

Wizardo 33

Should've lit a match... oh wait.

TheElBurrrito 21

#43: So this is "theawkwardlife" you speak of....

MzZombicidal 36

Who knows how long she held those in until she found a victim! FYL, indeed, OP.

perdix 29

You could have been polite and taken ONE for the team, but after she started blaming the subsequent farts on you, you should have loudly said, "No, lady, that's yours!"

Or you move, so it's obvious that it was hers.

How about, we don't make those kinds of jokes. Because they're overused and *pushes glasses up* mainstream.

I don't think that's how the glasses work...