By kittyd - United States
Today, I came home to find a note on my door. I thought it was from my elderly disabled neighbors thanking me for cleaning off their snow covered car, since about 6 inches came down. It was from them, only it said I owed them for damages to their car. Damages that were already there. FML
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  DjeePee  |  24

So what that it was a favour? Would you like it if other people paint your walls 'as a favour', or put flowers in your garden 'as a favour', or pick up your kids from school 'as a favour'? Doing surprise things as a favour is really great if you have a good friendship with that person and know his likes and dislikes, otherwise it's better to ask for permission. What if OP actually damaged the car, thinking that the damage was already there, hey?

My guess is that the neighbours haven't seen the damage before, and because someone strange cleaned their car, they checked the car very good and found all the damages, thinking it was OP.

  Barette_fml  |  7

She has old disabled neighbors and she did them the very kind favor of shoveling their driveway, saving them some money since they'd otherwise have to pay others to do it. Either that or hurt themselves. I find it to be a very nice and thoughtful thing to do, and unfortunately her neighbors are just assholes. I'm lucky enough to have neighbors that plow our driveway and sidewalk after a storm, and it's a very nice thing to look out and see it all cleared for us.

  xx_Lizzy_xx  |  3

But the OP removed the snow from their car not the driveway. If you don't know someone well, don't touch their property without permission. Of course the neighbors are ass holes anyway.