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Today, I went to see a play. I'm pregnant, so I always need to pee. At intermission, I ran to use the bathroom, but there was a really long line. I asked the woman in front of me if I could pass her. She responded, "You don't look pregnant!", and lectured me about lying while I peed my pants. FML
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what a bitch, i would have just run into the stall before her. you def didn't deserve it.


what a bitch, i would have just run into the stall before her. you def didn't deserve it.

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you should have dropped your drawers and peed on her shoes. Next time just run to the mens room. Well wait for a pregnant woman...sorry that happened

I have actually waited and let a pregnant woman use a stall in the men's room. there were about 9 other guys and none of us minded.

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@ The OP Should've peed on her shoes. Yep, you also could've used the mens toilets. Trust me, for a pregnant woman no-one would've minded.

Well you don't know if she looked pregnant the op could have been only in her first trimester. She should have got up earlier. Everyone knows that the bathrooms will be filled up at the break.

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If she was only pregnant for a few months it wouldn't show...

I think she's upset because she wet herself and someone didn't believe her about her situation.

Or... maybe shes big as is, so the woman thought she's just fat?

Maybe not, though. I was 120 pounds when I got pregnant, and I didn't really look it until I was nearly 25 weeks. Strangers couldn't tell I was pregnant until I was 30 weeks, which is when I started having to run to the bathroom every five minutes. The woman was a total bitch and should have just said 'no'. Then again, I don't understand why pregnant women feel the need to be catered to. I was very sick while I was pregnant (hyperemesis and pre-eclampsia) and never even asked for special favors like that. You're not handicapped, you're pregnant.

the thing that strikes me about this, is that the lady she asked was the arrogant one, yet a lot of people here are saying 'you're pregnant, the world doesn't stop for you'. this lady had no right to lecture OP about lying, i mean clearly if she had to ask to pass someone her distress about needing the bathroom was probably noticeable. and its not like OP had any other reason to pass her-the lady was just plain rude and nasty, coz shes such a know-it-all that she just has to be right and even have the nerve to lecture you because she thinks she is right. i hope she grovelled. and one last thing, OP-next time it happens, say "MOVE! ABOUT TO VOMIT" and progressively shove. that makes everyone move. i hope your baby is healthy, and kicks that woman's ass one day.

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It was not my intention to do this in front of you. For that, I am sorry. But you can take my word for it -wipes off sword- Your mother had it coming. When you grow up, if you still feel raw about it, I'll be waiting.

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I was thinking about that scene when i read the comment! win!

She isn't upset by the fact that she doesn't look fat. She's upset because while the woman lectured her, she pissed herself. e.o"

are u serious, only a unorthidox dumbshit would think being fat and pregnant are the same thing

94 deserves a lot more thumbs up, especially for that last part xD

Wow that really stinks. I can't believe she'd do that to you on July FOURTH

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It's not July 4th .. Am I missing something? EDIT;; Never mind. I just got it after I submitted the comment.

whaaaaaaaaaat? does someone care to explain what the hell july 4 has to do with this?

@43 They were the 4th comment and trying to call 4th without being thumbs downed... at least that's what I think happened... otherwise I'm confused.

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That lady is a asshole! Sue the management about what happend. FYL Whoever clicked YDI should be shot to death

Sue the management over a stupid patron? My god what kind of world do we live in. Can't you actually, I don't know, resolve the situation without resorting to calling lawyers and suing people. God, I die a little inside when I read people's stupid comments on suing an establishment because some customer/patron decides to go douchebag. Yeah it's SO the establishment's fault for this lady (if you can't tell the last comment was sarcasm).

How is the management responsible for that woman?? That makes no ******* sense.

I am...astounded you would even say such a thing. What is with people thinking pregnant women want to be catered to!? When baby pushes on the bladder, you have to go THEN. Not in 5 mins. RIGHT THEN. It's kind of a forced thing sometimes.

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People talk as if being pregnant is a disability. But here's a newsflash. It isn't. Don't think you can butt in line because you have an organism playing with your bladder. You should have considered that before leaving it this long between pee breaks.

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yeah, being pregnant isn't a disability, but when you are pregnant, you just SUDDENLY have to pee, not like normally. She also had a whole weight pushing against her bladder... and is it really too much to ask to let a woman cut in front of you? you will have to wait what? 30 more seconds to be courteous. Yeah, pregnancy isn't a disability, but it puts your body through hell.

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Its just disrespectful to call pregnancy a disability. Seriously, the next time you see someone who uses a wheelchair tell them that and see what they're reaction is. Besides as another poster wrote, how do you know the lady waiting didn't have some sort of illness that caused her to have little control over her bladder. Incontinence. Overactive bladder. These things aren't always visable. And still no one has said anything that makes me change my opinon. I wouldn't have told OP off, but I probably would have ignored her request.

This was a good comment and it made sense. It was voted to hide because of too many people disagreeing with it?! Yeah, common sense isn't too common anymore. SHE SHOULD HAVE WENT BEFORE SHE STARTED PEEING DOWN HER LEG!!! I don't care. I know that it's a crushing sensation on your bladder. But you know when you're going to pee. You should have waddled to the bathroom before everyone got up and went all with the same idea in mind. So, the OP must be stupid, because you can control your bowels and bladder. It's after the birth that the muscles get screwed up. God... Everyone needs to listen to people who's comments got buried because negative votes by retards with no kids, or stupid people who think we're all heartless for thinking this moron deserved it. #32 Who said: "The lady isn't an asshole. I don't care if your pregnant. It doesn't make your needs anymore important than mine. We're all in a lineup because we all have to pee. Take responsibility for your own actions. She should have made her way to the bathroom before the urge to wet herself hit." #50 Who said: "whatever, you deserved it. I've had three children, never once did I come close to having an accident. It's called not waiting till the last second to pee. I call Fake" #58 Who said: "a lot of pregnant women assume the world will stop for them. Here's a aren't the first woman on earth to experience the miracle of procreation, most of us do it and believe it or not, the world isn't going to adjust to you. You have some nerve assuming because you are pregnant that you needed to pee much more than the lady in front of you. #65 Who said: "People talk as if being pregnant is a disability. But here's a newsflash. It isn't. Don't think you can butt in line because you have an organism playing with your bladder. You should have considered that before leaving it this long between pee breaks." Agree with them! Who are the retards hitting the negative button. You must not have any common sense... Or if you do it's a "hidden talent". God you whining people who hit negative must have peed your pants a lot and think that pregnant women should be given special treatment. They're still people and they know they have to pee. WTF? I hate people who click negative just because you don't agree with someone. Grow up. This is obviously fake, because pregnant women do pee a lot, but not until later (7-9 months) and might pee their pants afterward because the PC muscles are ****** up because of the birth. Ah, it's such fun being on a site where eleven year olds run rampant and hit negative, negative, negative. So, I will begin hitting negative on every comment with "Win", "Epic", and "Fail" on them. Because those have to be the stupidest nerd speak to ever come out of anyone's mouth.

Then why didn't said woman go to the toilet, instead of bitching to the OP ?? & maybe, she did have one of those problems, but did she need to stand there an be an ass about it ? No. I really doubt it.

Um... One. OP was at a play. This happened during intermission. Two. I don't recall OP saying how far along she was. For all you know, her due date could have been a week away. I pity any woman who puts up with you.

123, you're not only an asshole, you're also a idiot. My SIL is pregnant and she JUST found out what sex her baby will be, so she isn't very far along. But guess what. Little baby Alayna (the name they picked for her) is already messing with my SIL's bladder. She already has to pee more and uncontrollably. **** off.

@ 123. You know how wrong you are right. I seen a pregnant girl in our class needing to pee a lot and she only 4-5 months along. So do us a favor STFU.

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Not sure how you can sue the management. as suggested by #6..but fwiw, the other lady is an asshole. may something similar happen to her one day. Have a great baby!

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You should throw your urine-soaked panties at her to cap off her rousing speech about lying and truthfulness.

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or, moron, she was only a few months pregnant and so it didn't show. and it actually would make more sense if she was thin. so why don't you stop being a troll and go rot in hell.

In reality, you are correct. Although many Americans wish to deny it, much of your country is overtaken by obesity, so the woman probably just thought she was a fat lady, not a pregnant woman, however, you probably could have gotten away with a little revenge.

if she was fat she WOULD look pregnant.