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Yay ! The first of the useless home remedies !
"eat only fish for a fortnight "
"dance to smooth jazz"
"bathe in your mother's tears"
"cover yourself in chicken blood and - "
Just exaggerated examples. Well, exaggerated for now

  speckledots  |  29

Is everyone unaware of the fact that even if you do hold your own breath and somehow manage to pass out from it that you won't die. When you pass out your body begins to breath on its own again.

  eclipse1525  |  6

Breathe in through your mouth then swallow twice and breathe out through your nose and they will gone (I know this won't help OP because he can't breathe too well)

  FML64128  |  7

Stand up, bend over, put your head between your legs (upside down), and swallow about three small mouthfuls of your saliva. Instant cure, looks weird though.

  AnOriginalName  |  19

I broke a rib and didn't even know about it 'til a year later, when I went in for chest x-rays to check for pneumonia. I'm my own worst enemy.

Oh, right. The diaphragm is a muscle which helps you to breathe. So cracking a diaphragm would take a quite a feat of strength or heroics, I'd imagine.

  1947Chevy  |  17

I'm still sure that I cracked mine about a year ago. I just refuse to go to the doctor and have them look at it. My chest still hurts to this day

  Zomg_Okay  |  26

52 - Your chest has been paining you for a year now and you "refuse" to go to a doctor? Are you contending for the Darwin Award or something?

  Odis12  |  11

Cracking or "breaking" is possible in any anatomical muscle in the human body. Muscles can be ripped, torn, cracked, broken, swollen, shriveled, and even blown. For those that don't know, the diaphragm is a rather soft muscle, ergo why it is protected by the whole of the sternum, save for around one square inch of area right between the ribs.

To put it simply.. OP needs to go to a doctor. A check up isn't expensive, and it'd be worth it if you don't want to live like 52 up there.