By WIno - 01/09/2010 02:46 - United States

Today, I have discovered things not to do while drunk. Like shaving my legs. FML
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schwancy 2

Next time shave your legs befor you drink. That way you won't feel the need to do it once you're drunk.

mama2b3 20

haha did u miss a spot?


titenite88 0


pretty sure this has been the shittest 'fml' ever?!

ouch I'm guessing ? SSFLN shaving spots from last night

No'd think that'd obviously be a terrible idea. You shouldn't handle sharp objects while you're hammered.

If I were drunk enough to mutilate my legs while shaving, I would probably throw up on myself first, which would make me reconsider pointing my head down to shave.

Yeah, 11, we pretty much have to GUESS here what's the FML... which I think is kinda dumb b/c even though it may seem "obvious" what might've happened, the FML still reads like it ended prematurely. What's the FML exactly? At least hint that you either got cut up or missed spots disgustingly or something or other, like saying "I never knew that blood red was a good color for my shins". This FML is just all-around pretty lame.

OP is saying heshe got cut up really bad, not just the hair part.

allen20 0

im 14 and i discovered that when im drunk i shouldnt tell an undercover cop to prove hes a cop

ohhh OP, you are SOOOO smrt. :) btw, ouchhh..

also don't prank call people you know when tlyoure drunk. it always ends up with you confessing to your best friend that you masterbate to her pics every night...

Ali_Br_fml 33

Speaking from personal experience? Lolz

51 ur cute..

ydi for getting drunk in the first place. hope next time you chop off one of your limbs. :]

um 44... you are drunk at 14 and a cop found out? you are asking for it.

69 is so hawt jkjk

52 is the hottest one fail 61...just sayin

no ya think 58

well you could have done worse things

iron_chefITALY 0

81 and 61 are idiots for hitting on girls on fml..

don't sweat it sis. but damn that has to hurt

haha wow. shaving not a good idea. also i learned that when drunk, never play with giant excersize balls... :/

mama2b3 20

haha did u miss a spot?

Probably where the blood was coming out =P

must have been bad

wont it grow back? its just hair

hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah lollll

6 you're a winner of the world

#10, it's hilarious that your user name is "ignorance" and your very fitting comment to "wowdudewow's" comment was "wow, dude, wow". win!

66- 10 obviously did that on purpose

*You're. Twice

No both of those should be your. Look things up before you correct people.

schwancy 2

Next time shave your legs befor you drink. That way you won't feel the need to do it once you're drunk.

Then whose legs will she shave after she's drunk?

how do u know it's a girl. op could be a boy and then just feel stupid for doing it and now he's embarrased. but if op is a girl, then she musta cut her legs and missed like all the hair.

Tequila_Hilton 3

it wouldve been an FML if u were using Nair and put it on ur hair.

duuuuuude! that would suuck D:

mooimafish 0

how did that work out for you? lol

Guess it's a good thing you didn't take a razor to your pubes.

but that wouldve been more of an fml lol

Hahaha that will probably leave scars(:

Kanvis78 0

Why is a dude shaving his legs anyways ? YDI ! clearly, chicks don't sit at home drinking, only dudes do that. :)

Kanvis78 0

Actually there is no proof.

He's a moderator. The gender was probably on the FML when it was submitted and he read it there.

Kanvis78 0

Yet, through all your pleas; pictures or it's a dude. :)

RedPillSucks 31

It's a much funnier FML if OP is a guy. He'll have some 'splainin to do to his guy friends. or if he shaved all the way up the pubes and nicked up his wanker.

You're not funny, Kanvis.

Kanvis78 0

Just pointing out facts. Also humor is objective and opinionated. So if you read threads of FML to find your "funny" for the day , then clearly, you're a fool.