By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was sitting on the couch with my little brother. He was looking at me and says "so cool." I asked him what was so cool and he says "it's not that cool but, your eyebrow connects to your other eyebrow". FML
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By  redbluegreen  |  40

Wax them. Now.
I hate how some people are either in denial about their uni brow, or know, and don't do anything about it. It just creeps me out. Like girls with black chin hair.

By  skierguy  |  0

You deserve it for not knowing what tweezers are. Seriously, people like you drive me crazy. It would take 10 minutes and you would look infinitely better.

  amiotica  |  2

if her bortgher was sitting next to her on the couch than he wuld have been looking at her sideways... there would have been the illusion that there was a unibrow but it was really the vellous hair inbetween the brows and the shadow making it look like a uni brow... when you look at most people sideways you can see this... i definetely dont have a unibrow but looking at me sideways it looks like it.. it also depends on their background and skin colour... so stop bitching at this girl about wax and shit...


My bf waxes his brow and I am very GLAD he does. I think anyone who gets that should get rid of it if they feel uncomfortable about it, because it is quite simple!! DO IT NOW!!