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Today, I learned that my parents are planning to divorce. My dad said, "I'll take Rachel." Rachel isn't even his daughter; I am. Rachel is my mom's daughter with her first husband. FML
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It's reading stories like this that inspire me to be a better father. Right now my daughter thinks I'm the best daddy in the world, and I'm going to do my damnedest to make sure that never changes.


Why is there always someone who says this? And this fml isn't even poo related...

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Wow... There wasn't even anything toilet/poop related and we still have to read this crap...

May I interject and say...the dad sounds like a piece of shit.

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This is the first time I've kind of liked this comment! The timing is so wrong and bad that it breaks the seriousness in a way, you know?

I feel like 1s name fits quite well with his comment.

A bad case of mistaken identity, I hope...

Your father getting your name wrong is so much better

Hey it happens. My mother calls me by her sister's name quite often.

stevenJB 25

I agree, because my mother is stressed a lot, she may call me by my little brothers or older brothers name before she gets it right

My dad called me by my brother's name once. I'm a woman.

My boyfriend calls me his dog's name sometimes...

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My dad has called me by my brothers' names before, and then he gave up and called me 'the Girl'. Parents aren't perfect.

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Yep same here. Just sometimes, I get to hear a bunch of names before hitting the right one. It's nothing personal. The first time ever was when a close friend's mother confused my name with their dog's, because we have short names and she was used to both.

#33 I call my boyfriend by my dog's name almost every time I'm mad at him...

I'm sorry you are going through your parents getting a divorce. I have gone through it and sometimes the parents can act very bitter towards one another. Best of luck op.

I'm wondering how old Rachel is. Suspicious anyone? I... uhh, definitely have not seen videos that form the basis of my suspicions...

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If you're trying to say that Rachel is a little kid, she probably isn't. OP is probably at least 13 or 14 if she is using this site and seems to write not like a little kid. If Rachel is from OP's mom's first marriage, then she probably is at least a few years older than OP. Sorry if I read your comment wrong, it just sounded very creepy.

I think it IS very creepy. Is it just me or was he insinuating a situation similar to Lolita?

I'm pretty sure that comment was meant to be creepy, #36....

Maybe he was trying to spite your mother? Either way he's a total dick and I hope he somehow realises what a douche he is and becomes a better father for you.

Common knowledge that (some) Dads can be complete idiots. Divorce sucks but maybe you can understand why it's happening in the first place if he's going to make thoughtless statements like that.

Maybe it was assumed you were going with him and he wanted Rachel too.

How cruel. You better stay with your mom.