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By albinoalligator - 04/07/2016 00:48 - United States - Elkton

Today, I declined an apartment because it didn't have a detachable shower head that I could use for my enjoyment. FML
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You can...buy a new showerhead? Like they're not even expensive or difficult to install?

keeping your priorities straight I see


keeping your priorities straight I see

Oh woe is me! I cant detach my showerhead! What am I to do? Stand under the shower and rinse off? Thats for savages! but joking aside, I dont understand why this was posted as a real FML.

Catto-Golden 23

By "enjoyment" She doesn't mean getting rinsed off, she means ******* the shower head

You can...buy a new showerhead? Like they're not even expensive or difficult to install?

exactly...or just get a toy. also op you could use the bath faucet.

tounces7 27

It takes like, 30 seconds and zero plumbing knowledge to install one. I mean heck, opening the package usually takes longer than installation.

I'm sure plenty of guy would help you with that OP. Get out more :)

askullnamedbilly 33

C'mon, masturbation is very different from having sex. You have a much higher chance of having an ******, you don't have to wonder if you're good enough or if your face looks weird right now - and there's no awkward small talk after. It's absolutely normal and healthy to take care of yourself once in a while; and honestly, telling OP to go out and **** a bunch of strangers is pretty creepy.

Personally I find no enjoyment in sex with random people. I could probably enjoy the shower head more, because the shower won't say they're a good guy and not into hookups and then vanish off the face of the earth after we have sex and make me feel bad about myself. Shower:3 people:0

Maybe he meant there are a bunch of guys out there who can install a new shower head. Haha. But seriously, OP could also call a lady for help, installing a shower head, or ******.

#48 I don't think guys have much use for a shower head LOL.

Okay, I'm sorry but I'm seeing you comment everywhere about women's ******'s and so fourth. You need to stop alright, A lot of men and I mean ALOT really enjoy eating out a woman to give them pleasure. So a comment that says "get out some more" may mean like hey go out, meet a guy, get him to pleasure you cause ALOT of people are into that kind of thing you don't know that. So stop with your passive aggressive speech about how you are so against men and how it's so hard to please a woman. It's not, a lot of men know that and know what to do. God, i can't believe I made an account just to reply to you. Just stop alright, your toxicity is dumbfounding that you instantly go towards shaming and saying how one person is like okay listen it's not all about sex, no no one even mentioned sex just to go out and get some help if they're that desperate. Sigh.. *******.. hell.

ollygollymolly 6

Sounds like a personal choice, not a YDI or FYI

stangbang92 17

Or, you know, just buy one and install it yourself.

You know you could have bought one for like twenty bucks right?

Right? Also, most toys are around a similar price, and then there's no installation needed. Just batteries or maybe a cord being plugged in overnight.