By Lemurcat - 11/12/2013 16:56 - United States - Ventura

Today, I saw the guy who helped me yesterday when I was lost by telling me which bus to take. He came up to me and asked me how it went. I told him that the bus went the exact opposite way I wanted to go. He laughed and said, "I know." FML
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I did not expect this to get published! Just to fill you guys in a bit, I did check the buses before leaving home since I just moved here the day before. I like to double check because my memory is poor so I did ask the bus driver, but she said she didn't go to that perticular bus stop (the bus stop near my house for those who are wondering, and yes, she did stop there, she was just confused because I didn't know the streets and was describing landmarks) and she kinda just blew me off. So I was standing around, confused like an idiot and this guy told me to take bus 6. He sounded like he was legitamently trying to help, and I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, so stupid me took his advice. However, I'm not the kind of person to confront people so, I just called him a dickhole and walked away. I wish I could tell you guys that I kicked his ass, but oh well. I did figure out the buses and I'm riding like a pro now. And I even got a booklet to help me if I'm ever lost again. :D

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what a dick. hope you weren't going anywhere too important

The guy is a douche but I mean come on OP, were there no signs? No way to look up your destination? Got a smart phone? If you were going somewhere important then you almost deserve it, plan your trips ahead of time. Even if you couldn't do any of those things why wouldn't you double check with someone else? Like the bus driver or something? Your really going to take one random guy's word for it?

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#27, they probably didn't think that someone would purposely give them wrong directions

Don't always count on people doing the right thing

I don't know about the US but in my city in Canada the bus schedules on the internet are outdated and extremely unreliable. You need to be or know a regular to be sure which bus to take.

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OP can also text the bus (ok not the actual bus) but it can tell you when the next one should come. Itus usually pretty accurate but sometimes it is stupid and frustrating. If you have a smart phone get the "Google Maps" app and that helps too. I use it often when I need to go to school.

It's called asking the bus driver where it goes..

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True, but unless that person was the only one around and the bus driver didnt know where they were going, would it not make sense to double check? You seem to assume everyone not only wouldn't give wrong directions - but that people couldn't make a mistake or anything.. The dude was a dick for doing that, but it would've taken very little effort to ask the bus driver, just as I did when I moved I the Bay Area - never made a single mistake w/ BART or the buses cause I just asked the driver/Bart employee.

All hail the mighty bus troll! Thwarter of the midday commute! Defiler of travel!

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That man might have missed out on some serious action.

If I learned anything from ****, anything can become a scenario, even this situation. "Can you tell me where how I'm supposed to get to this address?" "Yeah, you just get on bus 15, get off on the second stop, keep going down the street, take a left, and it should be next to the pawn shop." "Thanks, let's **** at my place instead." "Oh, boy!"

More like... You go down that street and the up my street.

I don't think his level of offense really warrants such an extent of retaliation. The most sensible response would be for OP to behead the stranger, skin his body, eat the meat and make a useless piece of furniture out of the skin and bones, and send the head to his family to celebrate the new year (if he doesn't have i.d. on him for her to trace his genealogy, she should send it to a miscellaneous family instead).

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24, that is my absolute favorite comment in history. thank you for exsisting.

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#24, I think I love you...:>)

What a twat. This is why I go online and figure things out so I don't have to ask a stranger for help.

Yeah, who needs to make human interactions anymore, psh

36, it looks like OP is someone better off without it...

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Don't ask him for help today! You figured that out on your own, right?

This is exactly why I have a smart phone. Anytime I'm lost, I don't have to worry about BS like that! FYL