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  PussyPredator  |  6

19, if I'm not mistaken, your last comment, 18, announced you "piss on everything... everything," as well.
So by default, are you calling yourself a hillbilly?

  Pleonasm  |  34

Then you would become a superhero.... Spiderdick?
Who am I kidding it wouldn't change anything, except maybe the consistency...
"Pull out, honey!"
"I..I..I can't!"

By  perdix  |  29

Why would you say terrified? That dog's a Belgian Spider Terrier! Spider hunting dogs aren't very popular because the owners need to buy rubber furniture and pick up the "kill" (no retrievers will work with them.)

By  ScruffyFML  |  10

Instead of wasting energy on doing anything a dog supposedly would have done, it instead saved time and energy by both killing the spider AND by peeing!

No but really, your life isn't "fucked" because your dog decided to pee on a spider in terror, just clean the mess and move on, put your table back and ta daa, op =P